Here at WANARB towers the average age is about 25, which is still pretty young, but annoyingly not as young as Boys Noise Records latest recruit, let me introduce you to SCNTST.

SCNTST (when will vowels become fashionable again, I’m looking at you SBTRKT) is only 17 years old but has already knocked together a couple of tracks and done enough to impress BNR bosses who will be releasing his first EP. Just think, your first EP at 17! Fuck, I bet he’s still a virgin!?

SCNTST – Woman Wish

SCNTST – Highfield

SCNTST – Phonoton

So, how do you go about getting signed to one of Europe’s biggest dance labels? Well apparently you answer a Twitter message from BNR with a link to your soundcloud page. The Question? Where are all the young German Producers? Next step on your path to stardom, loose woman and mountains of drugs is to follow that up a couple of months later with a fresh email of new tracks to BNR.

This apparently,  is enough for Alex Riddha to go ‘Ja verdammt bitte’ and sign you up on the spot. An amazing achievement considering he only picked up Ableton a year ago. SCNTST himself even admits on the Erol Alkan Forum, that a lot of it was down to luck, considering he doesn’t even have a twitter account and his friend originally sent the soundcloud link to BNR.

SCNTST, real name Bryan Muller, describes his sound as advanced Techno. I wouldn’t go as far as that just yet, but judging by the strength of his tracks and this little ‘welcome to BNR’  mix he put together below, he is definitely one for the future.

SCNTST – BNR introduction mix

4th Level Zombie



Tracklistings – Unfortunately not a full tracklisting as one wasn’t released on the SoundCloud (you cant even download it, the scrote) but I managed to cobble what i think is right from various forums and personal listen’s.

2.Lone – Cloud 909
3.Blawan – Iddy
4.Audionite – Kling Klong
6.Broke One – Go Go Go – Evil Nine Remix
7.Dr Gonzo – Carcola (Planisfear Remix)
8.Hey today – minor twr72 remix
9.Simian Mobile Disco – Skin Cracker
11.lil silva – cheese and bun

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  1. Probably not a virgin anymore…

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