Mr Oizo – New LP “Stade 2”

Mr Oizo, possibly one of our favourite DJ’s here at WANARB towers, has announced on Twitter that his new LP is to be called ‘Stade 2’ and has finished the mastering stage, which means it should be released very soon on ED BANGER Records.

The last Album that Oizo released – Lambs Anger – got WANARB blogger HazMat so excited, that when he got his hands on it we camped at his pad for two days listening to it on repeat whilst playing Mario Kart.

Yes I know, we’re fucking cool aren’t we.

We expect this LP to be just as good and will hopefully feature the track “A Beat For Douches” which you can hear in the video below. Unfortunately it’s only a shakey version recorded when Oizo played “Rock It” recently but its enough to get us all very excited. Keep your eyes peeled to the blog for more info soon…

4th Level Zombie



7 Responses to “Mr Oizo – New LP “Stade 2””

  1. whhhhaaaaat? WOW. I cannot wait to get my hands on this

  2. Dude. You forgot to mention that we (I) didn’t go to sleep and listened to the album on repeat about 10 time.

    And we were interspersing our Mario Kart fest with some serious Pro Evo.

    Those were the days…

  3. youre actually pretty fucking gay to call oizo a DJ

  4. Knockturnal Says:

    Yeah maybe we should’ve called him a producer, or a film director? But God forbid we call him a DJ! We’re obviously so gay…

    Thanks for pointing out troll.

  5. Fuck yes.

    Oizo is the shit

    I am very excited for this.

    As for DJ vs Producer or whatever, I would say Oizo is neither a producer nor DJ, but rather a mastermind of all things mindfuckingly absurd.

  6. it’s out! rejoice…

  7. Oizo IS the shit. I loved lambs anger too.

    theres a couple lulls on stade 2 but overall its a pretty killer, funky, punk (both in attitude & song-length), experimental, electronic mindfuck. I dig it big time.

    Oizo as per his twitter feed is the first to say he is a sh1t DJ, but I saw him tear it down for three hours at webster hall and beg to differ. it was a pretty amazing set, one of the best and most enjoyable ive ever seen and ive seen alot. it made me totally gay.

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