REVIEW : Nicolas Jaar @ Fabric 28/07/11

Nicolas Jaar, oh young lamb, how you played to the sweaty and the swaying.

There I was: a member of the clammy collective squeezed into Fabric’s allotted area. My body was twisted sideways and hoisted up by the crowd pushing against me. A slight crane in the neck offered a window into the stage. Far in the distance, a dark haired boy in a black shirt played the saxophone. I wondered whether I had, in the past, completely ignored the softener that’s the sax or, was this blatant display of woodwind diverting attention from Nico Jaar? It was the latter, — I still can’t decide whether that’s a good or bad thing — though soon forgotten when another perspiring face slid off my back and onto my arm. The show was heaving, in more ways than one. I averted my eyes from the only visible bit of the stage and lost my sight to an out-of-focus vision of dancing silhouettes. With one sensory organ subdued, aural demands took the reign and the show weighed down on me: sax, synths, vocals, keyboards, lights et al.

The repetitiveness, echoes, deep mutterings and strumming mimicked a slowly-but-surely bedroom rhythm. This 21 yrs old Chilean American prodigy, hidden from my line of sight, maintained an intense presence which rippled through the crowd, reaching the bodies in the back. His forceful touch comes across a lot more light hearted live, as opposed to the sexy haunting expelled from the recorded singles. Highlights include Mi Mujer, Variations, Love You Gotta Lose Again and the entire encore performance. His lone self sauntered over to the stage. I glided through to the front, and alas! spied with my little eye one Nico Jaar. He sat down and told the mike he had a new song. It was lovely, and it spilled into another melodic number and another until the band had taken their places again. Space Is Only Noise If You Can See finished the audience off, and then I joined everyone outside for that post-coital cigarette.




2 Responses to “REVIEW : Nicolas Jaar @ Fabric 28/07/11”

  1. I want to have your beautiful and smart babies.

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