Visionquest Beach Collection

visionquest beach collectionI’ll admit I’ve been enjoying this little Visionquest release for a few weeks now without sharing. So no doubt you’ve all heard by now the ubiquitous Maceo Plex track Falling that kicks off this mini compilation. But the remainder of it makes it worth posting regardless of the time elapsed.

Each track on the collection does fit into the titular ‘beach’ theme but feels dependant on the time of the day you’re heading down to those sandy dunes. The Tale Of Us track has such a deep sense of melancholia to it that you’ve probably hit the scene a little too early and everyone is dying a bit inside as they nurse their head from the night before. But y’know, you’re all in it together so it’s okay. You can imagine Pillow Talk being played mid-afternoon as you enjoy that post-lunch, sleepy-sunshine beer-head that kinda makes you want to nap or at the very least rest your head and smile lots. And Maceo Plex is so clearly that sunset tune that gets you in the mood for the impending evening that for me to point that out seems superfluous to this piece.

These are the tracks that should be soundtracking the rest of your summer. I know they will be mine. Go get them over at Beatport now.

Maceo Plex – Falling

Pillow Talk – Love Makes Parks

Tale Of Us – Winds Of Change




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