Schlachthofbronx – MUDDERS EP

It has been a ridiculously busy year for the impossibly named Schlachthofbronx. What with EP’s, world tours and festivals you think the Munich duo would be completely knackered by now. Apparently not as they saw fit to release a remix EP of their new track MUDDERS. In fairness this EP has been talked about since mid-spring.

Mixpak is responsible for this release making this the third record label that Schlachthofbronx have worked with this year. The EP features MUDDERS, which is inspired by some crazy high-energy-bounce Dancehall and remixes of Wave and Wine featuring the vocal talents of Ghanaina’s Ruff and Smooth, who add to the weird africian-Techno vibe that Schlachthofbronx are most famous for. However the most stand out remix, in my opinion, on the EP has to be Canblasters take on Wave and Wine.

The initial slow start builds into the kinda of beat madness that Canblaster is renound for as the track accelerates into Hard Parisian House glory and then suddenly dies back almost quickly as it started. Very bizzarre but entirely brilliant track that I have had on repeat for the last couple of days since its official release on the 9th.

The EP is available to buy now. You should download it rather than having to go into a record shop and trying to pronounce Schlachthofbronx. I definitely cant, I struggle with the most basic words but if you find it necessary, than this short video should help you out…

4th Level Zombie



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