Mixtape monday

It’s been a while since I attempted a Mixtape Monday. Normally I’m far too much of a mess to attempt breathing,  let alone finding, downloading and blogging several different Mixtapes in one session.

However, thanks to a damaged car, I’ve wangled a day off work while it’s getting repaired and what a fine day it is too.  So here I am sat in the garden (if your sat in an office you may want to skip over this bit), sunning my pale body and drinking a beer with Knockturnal, whilst listening to mixtapes. If I didn’t lose the sun behind the roof of my house at 2pm this day would almost be perfect.

Thankfully the internet seems to be in just as good as mood as me and has served up a plethora of excellent mixtapes for essential Monday listening. On today’s menu are mixes from Schlachthofbronx, Andrew Weatherall, Jamie Jones, Sven Vath, Adam Beyer and 2 Many DJ’s doing a mix that isn’t Soul-Wank-x Radio. Seriously, I’ve heard it so many times I could name the running order of their performance.

4th Level Zombie

Schlachthofbronx – Urban Nerds Carnival Warmup Mixtape

Andrew Weatherall – Live from SOMA ARCADIA stage at Rockness 2011

Adam Beyer – Drumcode 054 live from Cocoon Ibiza

Sven Vath – live from Loveland Festival 2011

2ManyDJ’s – Celestial Voyage Exclusive Mix

Jamie Jones – Essential Mix live from Space Ibiza


3 Responses to “Mixtape monday”

  1. mixtape monday!!!?? wow. i haven’t seen one of them for yonks… in fact, i’m gonna look up when the last one was…

  2. The last mixtape monday was on 22 Feb 2010 and it was this:


    Bet you’re glad you know that

  3. 4th level zombie Says:

    Im literally frothing at the mouth in excitement for your blog-related stats…………………….

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