Moody B – Vintage Sleaze EP

For over 12 years now Moody B has been heavily involved with the dance music industry. From championing new sounds in dingy nightclubs in San Francisco, creating his own record label, remixing and producing or simply carving out a musical niche for himself. Moody B, real name Bill Mondjack, has pretty much done it all. Yet his enthusiasm and creativity show no signs of letting up as he releases his new EP – Titled Vintage Sleaze – on Council House Recordings.

The majority of his previous releases have been inspired by the old skool sound of Chicago House and Detroit Techno infused with Italo Pop and Disco. And now Moody B has unleashed this formidable knowledge of music on to a new 4 track EP. It has taken Moody B some time to find a suitable platform for his take on the late 80’s Chicago sound that he has been nurturing, that is until Council House Recordings stepped in.

The Belfast based Record Label is a small independent, boasting some obscure and brilliant artists such as the strangely named “Men in Speedo’s” but it seems like the perfect home for Moody B’s new EP and his overworked TB303. Keep an ear out if you’re liking Moody B’s EP, because Council House Recordings have said they have a fresh batch of artists, such as Label Mate Shawn Rudiman, who are producing in a similar theme and that they will be releasing on the label in the near future.

Moody B – Acid Games (Original Mix)

Moody B – Acid Games (Fierce Mix)

Moody B – Dig It

 Moody B – Trawler

4th Level Zombie





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