Crookers Present Dr Gonzo – Dushi (Slap In The Bass Remix)

I have no idea what the Crookers duo have been drinking for the last 8 months but whatever it is I want some. After the massive fail of their last album and all the people who lost faith in them, this new project – Dr Gonzo – is going a long way to rectify the wrongs of 2010. But what is Dr Gonzo?

Since the beginning of the year, we’ve seen the Crookers releasing material under what most people presumed was a new pseudonym. The Crookers themselves dismissed this theory and it seems more likely that “Dr Gonzo”, will merely be the title for an upcoming album. To be honest, they can call themselves whatever they like, as long as they keep serving up more of the same. Maybe they could lose all the vowels in their name, like the current trend of producers? Crkrs!……….errr, well maybe not.

Anyway, the tracks that they’ve been producing since March this year, have all been a throwback to the Crookers of old. Huge dancefloor bangers with crisp bass and tight production. This overdrive of musical construction has resulted in two EP’s and a flood of remixes, the latest of which is from Hungarian hot property – Slap In The Bass – who deliver on a heavy remix of ‘Dushi’.

With an official release date of the 29th of August, you wont have to wait long but just to justify the hype around ‘Slap In The Bass’, Southern Fried Records uploaded a preview to their soundcloud only a couple of hours ago.

Crookers Present Dr Gonzo – Dushi (Slap In The Bass Remix)

Crookers Present Dr Gonzo – Dushi (Original Mix)

Not heard anything else from the Dr Gonzo project? Check out ‘Bust Them Up’ EP Below :

WEBPAGE(featuring a disgusting advert for G-Shock) : : SOUNDCLOUD : : MYSPACE


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  1. […] 29th is going to be a busy day for releases. After reporting only yesterday that ‘Slap In The Bass‘ will be releasing their remix of the Dr Gonzo track ‘Dushi’ on Southern Fried, […]

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