Mosca – Done me wrong / bax

Normally, you wouldn’t associate this blog with garage of any kind and I can’t really confess to being any kind of expert, but I did grow up in a town that dedicated most of its club nights to cheesy R’n’B and Garage, so allow me to indulge you.

Garage, as I knew it back then, seemed to be nothing more than a musical vehicle whose only purpose was to allow you to grind up against chavvy girls.  The music masked the fact that you were wearing your favourite Ben Sherman and that you were actually a hormone crazy leech.

I soon discovered that this was not the sole purpose of Garage and decided to leave said town for London’s bright lights and superior musical taste. So imagine my horror a few years down the line when I discovered (in Dalston) that Garage was very much back on the menu! Thankfully it wasn’t the steaming pile of corn beef that was the garage of old but a much more delectable feast of Bass-driven music with less vocals and no cheese.

You getting me? No? That’s ok, I’m not too sure myself but one man who could perfectly explain through the medium of Music, is Nmbrs Artist “Mosca” with his new double release “Done Me Wrong / Bax” which will be available on the 12th. Nmbrs released a teaser sample of the two tracks combined on Soundcloud and it’s pretty good. I could try and explain in more detail but the Nmbrs press release does a far better job……

“Numbers present to you two slices of freewheeling 4×4 Mosca. Opening track ‘Done Me Wrong’ unfurls perfectly, with all the hallmarks of classic garage production; rough, ominous low end and a jacking, infectious beat. The B-side, ‘Bax’, builds on this formula although it focuses more on the punishing, physical side of the bassline. With both these tracks, Mosca’s aim is to make your feet work overtime.”

PREACH!!! Now listen up..

4th Level Zombie



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