TWR72 – Paradox

August 29th is going to be a busy day for releases. After reporting only yesterday that ‘Slap In The Bass‘ will be releasing their remix of the Dr Gonzo track ‘Dushi’ on Southern Fried, Sound Pellegrino have announced that they will be releasing TWR72’s new EP on the 29th as well. Exciting times.

And who are TWR72? Well TWR72 does sound like a serial number for a car part but is in actual fact an amalgamation of two DJ/production names. ‘The Walk’ and ‘Rogerseventytwo’ started to DJ together way back in 2004, in 2010 they began producing music together and  decided to rename themselves ‘TWR72’. See, makes sense.  A bit like peanut butter and chocolate, they’re a good fit.  I mean they’re pretty good on their own but together they’re an unstoppable sandwich force or something…… I think I may have lost a metaphor somewhere?

Anyway, since 2010 they have released 2 EP’s under different labels that got strong support from the biggest names in the dance world including A-Trak, Laidback Luke, Brondski, Bart B More and Zombie nation. They also started to ramp up their live performances by incorporating their design team to produce a formidable visual live show.

Despite all this they have still found the time to produce and remix and are now on their 3rd offering with dance music giant Sound Pellegrino. If that wasn’t enough there was plenty of Twitter chatter between Tiga and TWR72 about “sending tracks” and Tiga being all cryptic about receiving the future of Techno, whatever that means. If all true, this could end up being a massive breakthrough year for TWR72.

TWR72 – Paradox

I’m really looking forward to this TWR72 release ever since they produced a remix of Alex Metric’s ‘End Of The World’, I’ve had this on repeat since the beginning of the month, I don’t even care that it’s a bit cheesy I absolutely fucking love it.

Alex Metric & Charli XCX – End Of The World (TWR72 Remix)

You can hear the full version of TWR72’s ‘Paradox’ on A-Traks recent mixtape that he produced for his Radio show ‘Fools Gold’

 A-Trak Fools Gold Radio Show August Mixtape

4th Level Zombie



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