Scuba – Andrenalin

Yeah alright, chill out, don’t get too excited! This is definitely just a recorded rip from a radio station or from the boiler room. But having spent the last 4 hours nailing cocktails with my mother in Shoreditch on one of her infrequent visits, I have decided that this is actually the finest quality rip I have heard of Scuba’s brand new and much hyped tune – Adrenalin. I’m sure the cold light of Saturday morning will confirm this! so very, very sure. It doesn’t even matter that it cuts off before the next mix.

This melodic, dancefloor anthem has been punted around a ton of different heavyweight Techno DJ’s recently and to huge acclaim no less. After having seen Scuba at SONAR, the hype around this track and the artist is justified and am very excited about it being released.

However this wont ‘legally’ be happening, until Hotflush Recordings release the track on the 26th of September. So in the meantime we’ll all have to make do with this Mixtape of Scuba at SONAR and the dubious youtube clip above. SADFACE, now where are my bedtime longjohns….

SCUBA – Essential Mix live from SONAR 2011

4th Level Zombie



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