Gesaffelstein – Viol (S-File Edit)

I received this email from 4th Level Zombie over the weekend…

“Alright dude, this video has just been uploaded to YouTube. I think you should be the one that posts it up. It contains two of your favourite things; beards and bikes.”

Um… I’m not too sure how keen I am on beards, I mean… I can respect a beard. But I’d never want a big beard myself (and I definitely don’t like them on girls). He’s right about the latter though, I do really like riding bikes. In fact (I believe) it’s my love for bikes with just one gear which meant I scored higher than my mates on the dick head o meter which was being posted round facebook a few weeks back.

The track is a remix of a Gesaffelstein’s – Viol by S-File with the original video being recut to fit too. It’s slightly more upbeat, but still retains the darkness set out for by the original. The video which could’ve been titled ‘When Hipsters Go Bad’ features a bunch of fixed gear enthusiasts known as Ghost Rider cycling round Paris and generally looking menacing. It does definitely make me want to form my own fixed gear gang and paint my face up like a skull, trouble is my gang of cyclists just consists of me, a one man gang – great! If anyone wants to join me I’ll be cycling round Victoria Park.

Anyway, check out the video below and if you like it download it for free here.




One Response to “Gesaffelstein – Viol (S-File Edit)”

  1. pettingparty Says:

    Oh I don’t know about that, I heard you have a *right* thing for beards. Especially on girls.

    This video is great though.

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