That Tanner Ross Track

tanner ross b sideEver since hearing Tanner Ross – B Side on that amazing Off-Sonar set from Art Department, I’ve been desperate to get hold of it. It’s a beautiful and infectious work that you could quite easily have on repeat all day long. Mercifully, I spotted someone posted a link to a soundcloud of it on the WANARB fanpage which means that I actually will be spending the entire bank holiday weekend with it on repeat.

No 19 Music still haven’t announced a release date for the EP as yet but as soon as it is, this track, and the Deniz Kurtel remix of it will be *mine*.

Tanner Ross – B Side




5 Responses to “That Tanner Ross Track”

  1. You’re welcome…

    It’s the flute!! Such a beautiful tune, but you can have a good old dance to it as well.

  2. pettingparty Says:

    Thank youuuuuu ^_^
    I’m definitely going to be annoying friends and flatmates by insisting repeated listens this weekend!

  3. You’re welcome…. check my blog for some funky bits and pieces..

    I’m joining you lot as well 🙂

  4. pettingparty Says:

    So I hear….. this may turn into brutal fights over who gets to blog amazing music we both want to write about though. I probably ought to warn you, I’m a dirty fight with long nails: I’ll ‘ave ya.
    *pretends to look well hard*

  5. Hahahaa… We Are Not Some Hardnuts.

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