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Modeselektor – Monkeytown LP

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The long anticipated Monkeytown album from mental German duo – Modeselektor – has finally dropped today, If you don’t already have it, treat yourself on this blistering hot day. The bass laden tunes will make being bounced of the sweaty armpit’s of other folk, on the rush hour tube, seem almost tolerable.

Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary have come along way since the dark days of the Berlin wall and sprawling urban jungle that East Berlin became after the fall in 1989.  Those were the early days when Modeselektor didn’t even exist as a group! Instead Gernot and Sebastian were touring from one grimey back alley club to another, building and enhancing their reputation until they eventually founded their live show and from there, Modeselektor was born.

Modeselektors new LP Monkeytown after the jump

Mulletover – Free – SHIT

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We at WANARB towers love free stuff, even if it’s just a shitty sample of moisturizer that we’ll never buy or use from some clown outside Liverpool Street. So Mulletover surprised us today with free downloads of the Geddes track – The Scene.

Actually it’s not that much of a surprise, Stuart Geddes is the man behind the mind-bending Mulletover, so I’m sure it wasn’t too much of a stretch to make the track available for free in a 320 KBS format, especially as Geddes owns Murmur which is the Record label it’s been released under.

I’m sure the conversation probably went something like this,

Mulletover : We need to give free shit to the people…

Geddes : I made a track.

Mulletover : Sick, lets give it away for free, is it any good?

Geddes : Its alright I suppose…

Murmur records : Woah, woah, woah. Ummm royalties? Were not in the Charity business.

Geddes : but, the people..?

Murmur : Jesus, Stuart!

Mulletover : How about some VIP tickets to the party and, umm some redbulls with vodka… and this stick man I made out toenail clippings?

Murmur : Mmmmmmm, ok deal, can you dress the stick man up as wheres wally?

Mulletover : No.

A hard bargain, driven for you, the people.

If you want to LEGALLY download the tracks for free, head over to Mulletovers Facebook page which you have to like, then you will be allowed to download the original mix of Geddes –  The Scene – and the remix from Dyed Soundorom.

4th Level Zombie



SOCIETY : Robert Owens Free Party Tonight

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Tonight we’re bringing Chicago to Dalston with a 2.5 hour set from house music legend Robert Owens. Expect two floors of Chicago House, Acid, New Beat and a bit of Italo – a smaller party means we’re able to stretch our legs and play some tracks you don’t hear often – it’s going to go OFF!

Mr Owens will be joined by BUBBA from Hannah Holland’s Batty Bass camp, who we’ve brought over from Berlin to werk you into a sweat, plus Class of 808 DJs, Josh Caffe, Hazmat and Josh Ford. Oh, and did we mention, it’s free entry?

Full details on the event can be found here.

Dalston Superstore can be found at 117 Kingsland High St, London, E8 2PB – the music starts from 9pm and we collapse in a heap at around 2.30am!

Society x



Review: Above The City

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Above The City Culprit CompilationEarly next month sees the digital release of Culprit Records’ first ever compilation, Above The City. Inspired by their legendary Sunday rooftop sessions at LA’s Standard Hotel; it’s the perfect release to compliment the current (and somewhat unexpected) heatwave here in the UK. Listen to it, enjoy the sunshine, and then picture yourself swaying to the beats, on a rooftop with LA’s beautiful house-scenesters. As opposed to peeling off your raincoat and bemoaning the end of summer, which, let’s be frank, we all assumed we’d be doing from here on out.

Opening with the idyllic sounding chatter of birds, it ambles along pleasantly enough with some fairly chilled tracks from LA’s Clovis and London based Mark Chambers & Soho, but, like all great parties, Above The City doesn’t really hit its stride until about half way through. Nikko Gibler‘s contribution ‘Hide From No-One’ starts innocently enough, with a great beat to get the limbs moving that bit more. Then, a saucy little beat comes in over the top, and oh my, when the male vocals kick in… it’s enough to get a girl all over-excited about music again. After that it is just relentless. Lula Circus, if you’ve not come across them yet, are an absolute joy to discover. ‘Mary Jane Loves Me’ is a stunner of a track. If this is a fantasy set-list of a rooftop Culprit party, right now you’d be fairly sloshed, grinning from ear to ear, dancing your arse off. It’s that bloody good.

Drawing things to a close, but not winding things down is Leeds Death On The Balcony. This is totally the point in the party when you’ve realised you’re really quite mashed and you have a perfect bubble of a moment. Drinking with your pals, lighting each other’s cigarettes, taking photos, dancing together. Bliss. Finishing things for us off is half of Visionquest: Lee Curtiss and Seth Troxler. No, they’re not really calming it down either, just sparking those after-party craving with their track ‘Spending Time’.

This is a great first compilation-outing from Culprit, the label set up by DJ collective Droog. Considering that it was two years in the making, it sure ought to be. The signs have been there all along though, with their parties attracting stellar line-ups including Hot Natured, Magda, Dyed Soundorom, Shonky, Tanner Ross, Soul Clap, Benoit & Sergio, members of Visionquest, M A N I K…. I could go on here, but you get the gist as to what makes this so special. Fantasy setlist indeed.

Nikko Gibler – Hide From No-One (excerpt)

Lula Circus – Mary Jane Loves Me (excerpt)

Above The City is out on digital release on the 10th October.

Petting Party



Julio Bashmore – Essential Mix 24/09/11

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It would appear that they’ve been putting something in the water down in Bristol, with names like Eats Everything, Waifs & Strays and Ben Westbeech hailing from those shores there can be no denying that while being primarily known for it’s Bass music, House is getting very big in the South West. Leading the current crop of Bristolian producers is Julio Bashmore (real name Matt Walker).

Last weekend saw Bashmore provide the latest installment in Radio 1’s prostigious Essential Mix series. Coming in at just under two hours the mix really shows how the early 80’s Chicago House sound has been a massive influence to him with productions from Robert Owens and Larry Heard being mixed with contemporary tracks from producers such as Maceo Plex, Joy Orbison, Classixx and Bashmore himself. Track list is after the jump.

Julio Bashmore – Essential Mix Sepetember ’11 [Download]




**Don’t forget you can get your own taste of Chicago this Thurs 29th when Robert Owens plays SOCIETY at Dalston Superstore. FREE ENTRY all night, fun starts from 8:30pm. More info here.

Track List

M A N I K Monday

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M A N I K at KrankbrotherMondays are universally known for their suckiness. It’s at least 4 days before you can really let your hair down again and you’re probably still suffering the effects of a heavy weekend, or, in today’s case, more likely lamenting the lack of a heavy weekend due to it being the last weekend before payday. Sometimes, the only way to get the hint of a smile back on your face is to trawl through a Facebook album of a great night out and relive some good times through someone else’s lens.

Today we’d like to recommend vicariously enjoying a previous weekend party. Namely, M A N I K playing at the recent Krankbrother Terrace party with Nick Curly. And boy was it a doozy of a party. Rain, queues and an epic mission out to the sticks that is the beautiful Loft Studios in Kensal Rise couldn’t dampen the crowds spirits. Check out this YouTube video that M A N I K himself posted on Facebook with the words “I ❤ London”.

YouTube videos of parties are normally bad sound quality, bad shaky camera quality and not really that fun to watch unless you know you’re in it. This one however, perfectly captures the brilliant atmosphere of the day without making you wince. If you’re not already now planning to get down to the next Krankbrother, well, you ought to be.




Black Strobe – Italian Fireflies (Richy Ahmed and Corey Baker re-edit)

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Way back 2003, Blackstrobe were part of a small movement of people who were creating raw, ‘post-apocalyptic electronic music’. At the time, house music was going off the boil – filtered French house was old news, hard house was all raved out, and funky house was, well, funky house. This underground movement known as ‘electro’ made house music cool to play in clubs once again.

Unsurprisingly, the French scene had a large hand in its growth, and Black Strobe, founded in 1997 by Arnaud Rebotini and Ivan Smagghe, were at the forefront of it. They were churning out electro monsters such as “Innerstring”, “Me And Madonna”, “Chemical Sweet Girl” and “Italian Fireflies”, paving the way for the legends such as Justice, SebastiAn, Mehdi, MSTRKRFT, Digitalism, Fake Blood, Tiga etc. etc. to blossom.

ANYWAY – there’s actually a reason why I’m waxing lyrical about Black Strobe: Richy Ahmed and Corey Baker have brought Italian Fireflies back to life with an ACE, deep disco re-edit. I can’t get enough of this track.

Black StrobeItalian Fireflies (Richy Ahmed and Corey Baker re-edit) 

And for nostalgia – here’s the original. All time classic.

Black StrobeItalian Fireflies