Scuba’s DJ Kicks & Plastic People Album launch 14/10/11

DJ Kicks has been one of the most well established compilation’s since it’s introduction in 1995, with C.J. Bolland. Since then, the series has expanded to 36 and has added the likes of Carl Craig, Four Tet, Nightmares on Wax, Stereo MC’s and Daggy G from Massive Attack to its impressive roster. Mixmag even hopped off its fence and stuck its neck on the line to call it ‘The most important DJ Mix Series ever’.

Compilation 37 will be released on October 17th with Paul Rose, better known as Scuba, joining the celebrated ranks of this mix series. An attempt to pinpoint Scuba’s sound to one genre fails miserably, as he can’t be pigeon-holed easily. His roots are deeply engrained in London’s early Dubstep scene but his own SUB:STANCE nights in the Techno kingdom of Berghain have been pushing musical boundaries since 2008. We’ve been lucky enough to hear a promo copy of the mixtape and he brings his diverse range of musical taste and skill to this compilation. Scuba goes into more detail to explain the creative process involved :

“It’s loosely based around the last couple of sets I’ve played at my club night, Sub:Stance, at Berghain in Berlin,” explains Rose. “It’s the last set of the night. It’s longer than the other sets. We tend to have lots of people playing for 90 minutes. But the last set is at least three hours or more, so you have more freedom. It’s really varied. You can play more or less anything and people will stay with you. That’s so special. A key thing I’ve been doing in those sets is starting off faster, say 138, and slowing down. It’s really gradual, slowing each tune down a little bit. The idea was to condense that three-hour set into an hour. It drops about 12 bpm over the hour, from 136 to 124. Each tune is a little bit slower. I don’t like mixes that jump around, I prefer things to flow.”

This mind-bending 32-track journey, ranges from the doom-laden ambience of “HF029B2” by Hotflush signing Sigha, to the stripped down squelches and bleeps of “Acid Battery” by Boddika and even includes the exclusive Scuba release – M.A.R.S.

Trust us when we tell you, this mixtape is as good, if not better than the SUB:STANCE compilation that Scuba mixed for Berghain record label Ostgut Ton. To celebrate the launch of his DJ Kicks compilation, Scuba will be returning to Plastic People where he built his reputation with legendary Bass night FWD, for an all night long DJ set on the 14th of October. Tickets will sell out incredibly quickly for this intimate venue, so follow this link to purchase tickets now and avoid disappointment. In the meantime check out this Essential Mix of Scuba recorded at SONAR 2011 below.

SCUBA – Essential Mix Live at SONAR 2011

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