Introducing: Cocolores

cocoloresDo you get easily envious of young, beautiful and successful people? If so I’d advise you to look away now because I’m about to introduce you to Cocolores. This teenage(!) duo from Munich have just released their debut EP, Heartquest, on Exploited Records. I heard them about a month ago, whilst streaming Shir Khan’s Berlin radio show and was instantly taken with their ’90s house inspired sound. I’ve just been waiting from them to actually release something to tell you about how awesome they are. In that time however, they’ve been getting bigger and bigger, featuring on Satellite Voices and even garnering comparisons to Azari & III. And all that with a combined age of only 39. Makes you sick, doesn’t it. Not so sick that you can’t guy buy their EP on Beatport though.

Cocolores –Tip Top Bob




2 Responses to “Introducing: Cocolores”

  1. pettingparty Says:

    Basically, yes.

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