DJ Mehdi is dead?

Reports have started flying around Twitter claiming that DJ Medhi has passed away. This is still unconfirmed, but if this is the case then dance music has lost a true icon, one who will be sorely missed.

Born in France on 20/01/1977, DJ Mehdi was a major player in the French electro movement that became a steady part of the underground dance music scene in 2007/08. We hope that this sad news isn’t true… Once we hear more, we’ll update you.

Until then, take a listen to Joakim’s remix of Pocket Piano, one of DJ Mehdi’s biggest hits – and in my opinion, one of the best dance tracks of 2008.

DJ Mehdi – Pocket Piano (Joakim Remix)

Keep track of the latest online rumours bouncing around social media forums here.


7 Responses to “DJ Mehdi is dead?”

  1. pettingparty Says:


  2. i know 😦

    praying it isn’t true…

  3. Both Chromeo and Tiga have tweeted it.

    So sad…

  4. wikipedia just posted it…

  5. he said, “fuck illuminatti”. Mehdi is a true God

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