Maceo Plex

Eric Estornel aka Maceo Plex has a very interesting background. For years, the Cuban American has been plying his trade as a well known DJ/Producer called Maetrik (amongst other not so well known pseudonyms), releasing techno tracks on some of the worlds biggest labels (Cocoon and Audiomatique to name but two), playing all over the world at some of the biggest clubs, and generally being a serious badass.

But in a bold move, he cast off his former moniker and started from scratch under a new name. Madness, you may think. Well, clearly he was confident about something, and judging by his tracks; he made the right choice. Going from straight up techno of the Popof ilk, he transitioned over to the more mellow, groove based house sound.

Below are a couple of my fave tracks of his. First up, his 90’s-twinged remix of City Life by DJ T. Arguably my biggest tune right now.

Next is ‘Falling’ – another killer which is topping charts on Beatport right now. Released on Visionquest, this is, and i quote some twat DJ from my home town, ‘an arms in the air affair’ (imagine that said in an Alan Partridge voice). But really, it’s dead good.

Both of these tracks are on my latest mix, which you can listen to (and download) here.




2 Responses to “Maceo Plex”

  1. pettingparty Says:

    I also really like Under The Sheets by Maceo Plex but yeh love that DJ T track.

  2. […] Maceo Plex  Recent track Falling is the one that got my attention. Having relaunched himself with a new name and more groove-based house sound – he’s turning out some great tunes.    Buy […]

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