Black Strobe – Italian Fireflies (Richy Ahmed and Corey Baker re-edit)

Way back 2003, Blackstrobe were part of a small movement of people who were creating raw, ‘post-apocalyptic electronic music’. At the time, house music was going off the boil – filtered French house was old news, hard house was all raved out, and funky house was, well, funky house. This underground movement known as ‘electro’ made house music cool to play in clubs once again.

Unsurprisingly, the French scene had a large hand in its growth, and Black Strobe, founded in 1997 by Arnaud Rebotini and Ivan Smagghe, were at the forefront of it. They were churning out electro monsters such as “Innerstring”, “Me And Madonna”, “Chemical Sweet Girl” and “Italian Fireflies”, paving the way for the legends such as Justice, SebastiAn, Mehdi, MSTRKRFT, Digitalism, Fake Blood, Tiga etc. etc. to blossom.

ANYWAY – there’s actually a reason why I’m waxing lyrical about Black Strobe: Richy Ahmed and Corey Baker have brought Italian Fireflies back to life with an ACE, deep disco re-edit. I can’t get enough of this track.

Black StrobeItalian Fireflies (Richy Ahmed and Corey Baker re-edit) 

And for nostalgia – here’s the original. All time classic.

Black StrobeItalian Fireflies




2 Responses to “Black Strobe – Italian Fireflies (Richy Ahmed and Corey Baker re-edit)”

  1. oh go on then… lets have some more classics:

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