M A N I K Monday

M A N I K at KrankbrotherMondays are universally known for their suckiness. It’s at least 4 days before you can really let your hair down again and you’re probably still suffering the effects of a heavy weekend, or, in today’s case, more likely lamenting the lack of a heavy weekend due to it being the last weekend before payday. Sometimes, the only way to get the hint of a smile back on your face is to trawl through a Facebook album of a great night out and relive some good times through someone else’s lens.

Today we’d like to recommend vicariously enjoying a previous weekend party. Namely, M A N I K playing at the recent Krankbrother Terrace party with Nick Curly. And boy was it a doozy of a party. Rain, queues and an epic mission out to the sticks that is the beautiful Loft Studios in Kensal Rise couldn’t dampen the crowds spirits. Check out this YouTube video that M A N I K himself posted on Facebook with the words “I ❤ London”.

YouTube videos of parties are normally bad sound quality, bad shaky camera quality and not really that fun to watch unless you know you’re in it. This one however, perfectly captures the brilliant atmosphere of the day without making you wince. If you’re not already now planning to get down to the next Krankbrother, well, you ought to be.




7 Responses to “M A N I K Monday”

  1. looks fuckin’ great!

    *sigh* – i need to stop being attracted to these sorts of parties… i’m getting too old…

  2. Knockturnal Says:

    Watching this made me instantly want to get on it, and its a monday.

    Fuck sake…

  3. pettingparty Says:

    Ohhh Montagano……. Shhhhh!! if you’re old that makes me nearly old so shut it. And besides, this was a daytime party and I was home before 12. Therefore, perfect for an old man like yourself.

    And Henry, I know, sick, right?!

  4. I’m in need of a day time stomp very soon guys

  5. pettingparty Says:

    That might be hard with summer drawing to a close but I’ll keep my eyes out for you…. Unless it’s some kind of after-after-after party but I imagine you’re far too old for those sorts of shenanigans now?!

  6. btw – i need that tune he’s playing. It’s not out yet

    Vernon Bara & Igor Vicente – Breathe n Pop

  7. pettingparty Says:

    I think we all need that tune, no?

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