Mulletover – Free – SHIT

We at WANARB towers love free stuff, even if it’s just a shitty sample of moisturizer that we’ll never buy or use from some clown outside Liverpool Street. So Mulletover surprised us today with free downloads of the Geddes track – The Scene.

Actually it’s not that much of a surprise, Stuart Geddes is the man behind the mind-bending Mulletover, so I’m sure it wasn’t too much of a stretch to make the track available for free in a 320 KBS format, especially as Geddes owns Murmur which is the Record label it’s been released under.

I’m sure the conversation probably went something like this,

Mulletover : We need to give free shit to the people…

Geddes : I made a track.

Mulletover : Sick, lets give it away for free, is it any good?

Geddes : Its alright I suppose…

Murmur records : Woah, woah, woah. Ummm royalties? Were not in the Charity business.

Geddes : but, the people..?

Murmur : Jesus, Stuart!

Mulletover : How about some VIP tickets to the party and, umm some redbulls with vodka… and this stick man I made out toenail clippings?

Murmur : Mmmmmmm, ok deal, can you dress the stick man up as wheres wally?

Mulletover : No.

A hard bargain, driven for you, the people.

If you want to LEGALLY download the tracks for free, head over to Mulletovers Facebook page which you have to like, then you will be allowed to download the original mix of Geddes –  The Scene – and the remix from Dyed Soundorom.

4th Level Zombie



One Response to “Mulletover – Free – SHIT”

  1. i love Dyed Soundorom…

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