Modeselektor – Monkeytown LP

The long anticipated Monkeytown album from mental German duo – Modeselektor – has finally dropped today, If you don’t already have it, treat yourself on this blistering hot day. The bass laden tunes will make being bounced of the sweaty armpit’s of other folk, on the rush hour tube, seem almost tolerable.

Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary have come along way since the dark days of the Berlin wall and sprawling urban jungle that East Berlin became after the fall in 1989.  Those were the early days when Modeselektor didn’t even exist as a group! Instead Gernot and Sebastian were touring from one grimey back alley club to another, building and enhancing their reputation until they eventually founded their live show and from there, Modeselektor was born.

3 albums and multiple singles later Modeselektor have established themselves as genre breakers of the euro bass music scene and as one guardian critic described them, the jokers in the austere Berlin techno pack! This LP is a step up since their last album, the improvement in quality and production can probably be attributed to the pair actually sitting down, in the same studio, to produce this from start to finish, as they explained :

”Monkeytown is our third album. It is the first album that almost drove us crazy. Well, when we really think about it, every album almost drove us crazy…

It is the first Modeselektor album that we produced 100% together in the studio and in one session over the course of ten weeks. We thank all of the participating artists, our families and our friends.”

10 weeks well spent in my humble opinion, with artists featuring on the Album being Thom Yorke and Otto Von Schirach but my personal favourite at the moment has to be ‘Pretentious Friends’ featuring Bus Driver, Bass too high for maximum audible pleasure. Failing that plug your ears into the Acid rush that is Evil Twin.

4th Level Zombie



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