ZZT – Partys over Los Angeles

After more than a year since the brutal Zzafrika dropped, ZZT are back with another jacking tune to blister your ears off thanks to the release of party’s over Los Angles on Turbo recordings. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until the 25th of October before you get your grubby mits all over it, but what’s another 21 days when you’ve already had to wait a year for this production?

At a time when most producers are toning their music down and going minimal, ZZT have continued in their hard jacking techno stance, no lemming like behaviour from these boys! It’s a genre, that if not done correctly, could sound like the dead era of electro back in the late 2000’s but ZZT have managed to side step this potential musical landmine and produce techno for the new jack crowd.

With remixes from Duke Dumont and Jon Convex this is a strong EP. The remix from Jon Convex – one half of Instru:Mental – is my personal pick of the three. A more gritty, driven track that offers up more intelligence than the other two and with the obvious British techno influence. It feels more mature and less bouncy. Definitely one for the heads.

Get a preview below as we’re not going to be stupid enough to start handing out the MP3’s for free…..

ZZT – Partys over Los Angeles

ZZT – Partys Over Los Angeles (Jon Convex Remix)

Partys Over Los Angeles is the lead single from ZZT’s new album due for release on the 7th of November.

4th Level Zombie



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