David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time

Ich liebe das David Lynch, first and foremost.

Alleged rumours of his retirement from the film industry are depressing, but his inventiveness is aimed at the music industry, and it’s rabble-rousing.

Last Autumn his electronic stirrings was marked with Good Day Today. Now…the man can do no wrong in my eyes. The track was easy on the ear, but a bit too happy(?) for my liking.

BUT, the single, Crazy Clown Time isn’t. At all. The latest to be released from Lynch’s debut album, Crazy Clown Time, smells of deceit, cigarettes, oral sex beneath a table, stale booze, red lipstick, blackmail, come-hither dancing and men with long ponytails.

It blatantly reminds me of a scene, and is definitely reminiscent of the song in the Pink Room from his film Fire Walk With Me, also written by Lynch. (As always, it appears he has unfinished business with Twin Peaks).

Absorb it:

The full album is set to be released 7th November from Sunday Best. There’s a contribution of Karen O’s beautiful and daunting voice, but everything else is written, produced and performed by Lynch and guided by engineer Dean Hurley.

I will celebrate the album launch by wearing red lipstick, highlighting the sharper features of my face, making out with another girl in the presence of a midget.




One Response to “David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time”

  1. even when i adore david lynch and watched all his movies.. the tracks are not that good.. but in the documentary “david wants to fly” i totally lost him… that was really dissapointing… i hope he is going to do some great movies in the next years so i can forget about all this docu 😉

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