Dreaming Of LA

Culprit Sessions on the roof of The StandardPicture the scene: it’s sunny and hot but there’s a light, afternoon balmy breeze keeping you cool. You’re at rooftop pool party, surrounded by gorgeous girls in bikinis splashing about alluringly. Your ears are full of cutting edge deep house music that you just can’t get enough of. You’ve got an ice-cold beer in your hand and you might be dancing, you might not be, but either way you’re having insane amounts of fun. You’re at one of Culprit’s famed Sunday rooftop sessions at The Standard in LA.

Or, like us, you’re at work, in London, flu-ridden and only dreaming all these things are true and picturing them oh so vividly after watching this new video courtesy of Leftroom’s Matt Tolfrey. The footage was filmed at the last session and probably marks the end of summer, or something.




One Response to “Dreaming Of LA”

  1. Was lucky enough to interview these guys in LA during their last season – unlucky enough to miss the party though! http://speakingsounds.wordpress.com/2011/06/03/droogculprit/ Thanks for the video.

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