When WANARB Met: A1 Bassline

A1 BasslineWe caught up with talented young DJ and producer A1 Bassline ahead of his set this Friday at The Future Now at Kings Cross club The Egg. Hailing from Croydon, A1 Bassline, aka Christian Sibthorpe, has been on our radar for a while but with the current rerelease of his banging track Falsehood on dirtybird we thought it was about time to have a chat about all manner of topics from Claude Von Stroke to moths to Croydon Hot-Spots…

Hi A1 Bassline. Hope you’re doing well today.
So you’ve making your own music for a really long time now under different names. How long have you been A1 Bassline and what made you pick that name? An enduring love of roads?

I have been making music under the name A1 Bassline for around 2-3 years. The name started off a bit tongue in cheek. I was making a garage track with no intention of starting a new project and one of the bass noises on it came from a preset synthesizer,  A1 in Cubase.

Croydon gets a bad rep at times and no doubt the riots over the summer have worsened that. Let’s help change that. Tell us something awesome about your home and what your number one Croydon hot-spot is.

I guess it does have a bad rep but I think since dubstep has got so big and people say its the home of dubstep, so it shines a better light on the area. But I spent my childhood record shopping in Croydon so it does have a special place in my heart. I really enjoyed going into Beanos, a secondhand record shop where you could find anything from white labels to 2nd hand post punk records. It’s a shame how it’s closed down now.

Tell us a little bit about your label Tighten Up and why we should be listening to your releases.

Tighten Up was started up by myself and school friends Kavsrave and Tek-One. It’s something I have wanted to do since I left school, nearly everything we have put out has been family based, although the material we have put out ranges from garage to dubstep to house I think it all fits in nicely together. I think everything we have put out has been really strong and has a good variety, plus we  have been supported by DJ’s from Mary Anne Hobbs, Fourtet, Boddika and Claude Von Stroke, the list goes on.

So it’s pretty well documented that J Phlip playing your track Falsehood at the dirtybird party in San Francisco really helped the track achieve its current return to popularity. Did that come about through persistence on your part or just sheer luck?

I’m really not too sure with either of them to be honest, but it definitely led on to the track to be noticed by Claude Von Stroke which has helped get the track noticed to a wider audience.

How does it feel to have Dirtybird rereleasing Falsehood? It’s got to feel nice to feel the love from Claude Von Stroke.

Yeah it’s a really nice feeling, I have a lot of time and respect for Claude. I think the EP sits really nicely on dirtybird and I’m glad to be part of that camp.

What was the last thing that made you laugh?

My friend just showed me that Tiesto DJ fail on YouTube, although it’s clearly fake, the tune selection and the editing was spot on.

What was the last thing that freaked you out?

I was casually making dinner and I got attacked by a giant erratic moth. I really do hate them.

What would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

Probably try find Bill Murray, he seemed to handle the situation so well in Zombieland, plus I love Mr. Murray.

If you were in a Shaun Of The Dead style situation during this zombie apocalypse, and you were encountered a brain-hungry zombie but the only think you had to hand was a crate of records, what records from your collection would you use against the zombie and what would you save?

Ha, this is a hard one because shamefully I sold a lot of my records when I was younger, when times were tuff. I still have a fair few standard drum and bass tracks which have no nostalgia attached to them so they would go first, not going to name names though haha.

What can people expect from your set at The Future Now?

I’m going to be playing some old house and garage bits mixed with a bit of Tech House and “UK Bass” (although still not to sure how to label that). Oh and of course loads of new bits of my own, I have been locked in the studio recently so looking forward to testing them out.

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to We Are Not A Rockband.

Thanks for the time to talk to me.

A1 Bassline plays this Friday 14th October at The Future Now in Room 2 alongside Ironika, Alfie and resident Joe Robots. Room 1 sees Zombie Disco Squad, Idiotproof, Tim Hilton and Warboy. Click ‘attending’ on the Facebook Event and head down to: The Egg, 200 York Way, King’s Cross N7 9AP, London.

A 1 Bassline – Falsehood




4 Responses to “When WANARB Met: A1 Bassline”

  1. pettingparty Says:

    I remember walking past Beanos all the time when I was a kid. Sucks it’s no longer there. Just read this on wikipedia “In December 2010 David Lashmar and Beanos featured in the BBC television series Turn Back Time – The High Street. Lashmar appeared as a 1970s record shop owner trying to sell vinyl records to the public in Shepton Mallet, Somerset.” From Croydon to Shepton Mallet…. jeez.

  2. great interview 🙂

    Falsehood is a tune

  3. Can’t wait to hear his set on Friday. The podcast is amazing.

  4. pettingparty Says:

    You mean this podcast?

    Alfie should be really good as well. A top night ahead!

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