WATCH: Justin Martin & Ardalan – LEZGO

Holy shit! This video has just made my week. Watching this video build along to the beat just made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I can’t remember the last time that happened – AND I’m not even buzzed.  Justin Martin, Ardalan, LEZGO, Dirtybird – I applaud you.

Thanks to pettingparty for this monster find.




5 Responses to “WATCH: Justin Martin & Ardalan – LEZGO”

  1. pettingparty Says:

    This makes me want to go play arcade games. Love scrolling platformers.

  2. Knockturnal Says:

    Technically more a side scrolling beat em up no?

  3. pettingparty Says:

    Stop trying to out-geek me Henry.

  4. nice one Hen! *high five*

  5. […] and Ardalan’s absolute stomper ‘Lezgo’ doing the rounds recently (watch the insane video); it’s difficult to think of a reason why you shouldn’t be dancing your arse off in […]

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