When WANARB met: The Glitch Mob

LA’s Glitch Mob is made up of members edIT, Boreta and Ooah (aka Ed Ma, Justin Boreta and Joshua Mayer). Since meeting in 2005 they’ve been regularly slaying crowds and smashing dance floors around the globe with their bass heavy brand of electronica and hip-hop-influenced basslines. Last year they released their first full length LP “Drink the Sea” which saw them make the transition from DJs to live act.

Since then the trio have toured the world twice and found themselves fast becoming one of America’s most exciting dance acts. We caught up with Ooah ahead of their London performance, who talked to us about what we can expect from their live show, what kind of production processes go into making their music and what The Glitch Mob like to listen to whilst driving.

So firstly, how did you meet?

We met through the love of bass music and djing around California about 6 years ago. We djed many of the same parties and became friends through that.

You’re currently touring Europe; do European audiences differ much from American audiences?

Not too much, maybe just a bit in style and look, but overall they both love our music and have really high energy at the shows. I think music is an amazing common ground throughout the world and is something that people across the globe can come together about and share the love for it, it’s the universal language.

You’ve been playing festivals and club nights all over the world for a couple of years, which event has been the highlight so far?

Some of our highlights would definitely have to be playing for a nearly sold out Red Rocks audience on our last US tour, Lollapalooza this year, EDC in Vegas, our hometown LA show at the Nokia theater and of course our current Europe tour is going extremely well at the moment.

You’re known for some particularly spectacular stage shows, what can someone seeing you for the first time expect?

A really great time! We put a lot of love and time into our live show that the audience leaves really full-filled and wanting more. We approach it all as if we were putting on a theatrical rock show, tons of lights, movement, acrobatics, mood shifts and changes, and all while playing all of the music live off of touch screen controllers and buttons and electronic drums.

Talking of your shows, I understand that in the early days there was a lot of improv involved. Are your sets more structured now?

Yes, because we have moved further away from djing our music to performing it live we have built the sets in a more structured way to make it possible to play everything note for note as the music was written. We definitely still incorporate the improv elements throughoutt the show here and there to keep the “spur of the moment” magic happening though.

The Glitch Mob sound seems to be constantly evolving, which instruments or production processes are involved in creating this?

We try so many different things really, we definitely don’t stick to one thing. We are constantly trying new soft synths and plug-ins, recording random noise and making our own drum sounds out of that. We also use live instruments and record our own vocals fairly often in the studio, all depends on what we are going for.

Your first full length album released last year “Drink The Sea”, was definitely a step up for you musically, I understand your next album will be dropping early next year, how do you see the sound progressing on the next LP?

I think the next album will just be the next step in telling our story through sound and emotion. It’s hard to say in words how the sound will progress, its just something that naturally happens. We just do our best to let our love for music shine through every bit so the listener can feel the stories written deep into each song.

I’ve always considered the Glitch Mob’s tunes to be amongst some of my favourite music to drive to, but what do the Glitch Mob like to listen to whilst driving?

Lately for me it’s been The Weeknd, Bon Iver, Dillon Francis, Porter Robinson, Mumford & Sons, Jamie Woon & Drake

Finally, with Halloween fast approaching we’ve been asking DJs and producers what they would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse (most would get eaten). What would be the Glitch Mob’s plan?

Probably get all Zombie Land and start slayin’ some!

Thanks very much for your time!

The Glitch Mob headline Spectrum this Saturday 5th November at Electric Brixton along with support from Shy FX & MC Wrec, Loadstar, Drumsound & Bassline Smith and many more. Tickets are still available here. For more details check out the facebook event here.




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