Dirtybird At Fabric: Claude Von Stroke + Justin Martin + Eats Everything

Dirtybird Claude Von StrokeWhatever your plans are for Saturday night you need to cancel them because they are paltry in comparison to what’s going down at Fabric. Claude Von Stroke has bagged himself Room 1 and has roped in Justin Martin and Bristol-boy Eats Everything to bring you a night of jaw-dropping basslines. Let’s be fair, there’s never a time you wouldn’t want to see Claude Von Stroke, and after hearing Justin Martin and Ardalan’s absolute stomper ‘Lezgo’ doing the rounds recently (watch the insane video); it’s difficult to think of a reason why you shouldn’t be dancing your arse off in Farringdon ’til silly-o-clock. And then we have the latest addition to the Dirtybird crew, Dan Pearce, aka Eats Everything, who I have never seen play a bad set. If you genuinely need more convincing then check out his Fabricmix and then get your ticket for the night and click ‘attending’ on the Facebook event.




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