Hot Natured Comes To London (finally)

Hot Natured New Years Day partyConsidering Hot Natured (aka Jamie Jones and Lee Foss) view London as their hometown and even live here for a good proportion of the year; it comes as a bit of a shock to realise they’re never actually thrown a Hot Natured party here. So what’s the best way to remedy that? Throw a party on THE BEST day to party in London and pull together a lineup so sick people will consider selling their kidneys to come along. Yep. New Years Day. Robert James. Richy Ahmed. Miguel Campbell. Maceo Plex. Art Department. Hot Natured & Ali Love. Feeling a bit queasy that you only just heard about this? Tickets sold out in THREE DAYS. Don’t forget, we’re talking about a party that isn’t until next year. And the lineup hadn’t even been released by that point. That’s how high anticipation for it is.

All Londoners know some of the very best parties of the year happen on New Year’s Day and the best bit about this one is that it’s an evening party. Which means for once, we may all get some sleep before going out raving again (as opposed to just stumbling onto the next after-party). And, in all honesty, the promise of a “unique East London location” is pretty intriguing, as it would have been easy to assume we’d run out of them by now.

Anyhow, we’re not just taunting you with the promise of a good party only to yank it away from you. There will be more ticket released. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED.




15 Responses to “Hot Natured Comes To London (finally)”

  1. pettingparty Says:

    Did anyone else get a ticket then?

  2. Richard Armour Says:

    Love this

  3. Astra Hill Says:

    Extra Release

  4. pettingparty Says:

    Really? What- today?

  5. Melissa Afonso Says:

    Did anyone get any tickets? When’s the next release???

  6. Is there a pay on the door guest list

  7. pettingparty Says:

    Just got this off the Facebook Event
    “FINAL INFORMATION ABOUT NYD TICKETS: Thank you all so much for your patience in waiting for further information for tickets for New Years Day. We are sorry to say that this party has now completely SOLD OUT, and there will be no further releases of tickets. Demand for tickets for this party has been totally unprecedented, with over 5,000 people showing interest from various different sources for a party at at venue that only holds 1,500. We could have moved the party to a bigger venue but we wanted to keep things intimate, in keeping with the personal vibe of all our previous parties, and so didn’t want to upscale just to sell more tickets. Given the sheer demand for tickets, in the interest of fairness we ended up adopting a random system of allocating tickets to the people who had shown interest via the Facebook event. We have now contacted all the people who have got tickets via email. For those that were unlucky this time, we have saved your email addresses and will be offering you advanced early bird tickets to all forthcoming Hot Natured parties (Miami, Detroit, Sonar, Ibiza etc) before they go on general sale in 2012. Sorry again if you didn’t get tickets for NYD, but we look forward to seeing you at a Hot Natured event next year.”

  8. Laura Williams Says:

    Im absolutely f****ing DEVASTATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦 Anyone selling 2 tickets let me know ill pay anything! 🙂 x

  9. Where?

  10. pettingparty Says:

    They were back up on sale on the Resident Advsior link I posted last night but they have since sold out once more. It was only a limited amount on sale due to a venue change.

  11. i need a ticket asap is ther still any left ?? if not what the guest list or can you pay on the door some one please get back to me asap!!!!

  12. il pay any think to a point !

  13. pettingparty Says:

    As I said before the most recent release of tickets has now sold out.

    From the Facebook event page:
    “This event has now completely SOLD OUT. Please be aware that if you are buying second hand tickets, you will need to show the credit card they were booked with on the door of the event, along with valid ID from the person who booked them.”

  14. Hello new friends,

    Christmas started with me losing my girl friend for no apparent reason, followed by a collection of ‘so called’ friends writing me off for NYE.
    To make matters worse I couldn’t get just one ticket for this event.
    I thought this night would be the perfect remedy.
    If you read this in time and you have a heart? I would truly appreciate a hot natured ticket or guest list entry to the event and a chance to put my troubles behind me…

    Love and respect!


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