Deja vu courtesy of Lindstrøm’s De Javu

Lindstrøm - Six Cups Of RebelYesterday was made significantly better by the announcement from Lindstrøm that he’ll be putting his new album out on February 6th. It’s going to be called Six Cups Of Rebel and it’s out on Norwegian independent Smalltown Supersound, also home to excellentness from Bjorn Tøske, Annie, Arp and Diskjokke amongst others. As a teaser / precursor to the album, they have given up this totally amazing slice De Javu for stream or download. By the sounds of this, the album is going to be mixed, the tracks segueing together rather than being separated. That would play nicely along with the long, proggy, orchestral soundtrack sound that this first taste has… Which isn’t to say he’s lost his groove. Oh HELL no. Along with the epic brass, you’ve got epic BASS. Like an acid car chase out of the city into the desert, where an ancient Native American Indian ceremony is reaching its apex, all scored by Claudio Simonetti and John Williams. Come on!

Get it here:
 Lindstrøm – De Javu

Full tracklisting for  Six Cups of rebel:

1. No Release
2. De Javu
3. Magik
4. Quiet Place to Live
5. Call Me Anytime
6. Six Cups of Rebel
7. Hina

This’ll be Hans-Peter Lindstrøm’s first album since 2009’s totally amazing Here Is No Cool, a record he made with vocalist Christabelle. Below, as a little bonus, is one of the stand-out tracks from that album, the super slo-mo Lovesick.

 Lindstrøm & Christabelle – Lovesick




One Response to “Deja vu courtesy of Lindstrøm’s De Javu”

  1. Lovesick is a slomo MONSTER

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