Too Many Mixtapes

KRL Tief MixWhat with it getting dark around 4:30pm and everyone saving their pennies for Christmas, there’s a definite feel of hibernation in the air. You can moan all you like about how boring that is, but actually we’re all benefiting hugely from that. It seems every dj/producer and their dog has locked themselves away with a crate full of exclusives and made sick free mixtapes for us to enjoy. Seriously, the amount of aaaaaamazing mixtapes and podcasts full of banging tunes floating about the blog-o-sphere sent to warm our hearts and ears, all thanks to the kindness of our favourite artists…. it’s bordering on ridiculous.

Okay, in reality it’s more like they’re keenly aware we’re all hibernating too and need new beats to power us through the horrible morning commute or pound along on the treadmill to, and are just buttering us up in time for the Christmas/New Years party season so that we’re desperate to see them play by then.

With *so* many good’uns to listen to, it’s getting hard to pick out what’s merely good and what’s abso-fucking-lutely amazing. However, this KRL mix for new deep-house night Tief at Corsica Studios will blow your mind. For those unaware, KRL is responsible for this utterly delicious remix of J Phlip’s Fever, and this mix is just as likely to make you break out in a huge grin each time it drops, only, with a mix this long, it’ll be many many times over.

Let’s get this straight. The Tief mix wasn’t named Resident Advisor’s mix of the day last week for no good reason. It is just *too good*. With tracks from Axel Boman, Tensnake, A1 Bassline and Huxley, plus a few choice KRL remixes; in turns havin’ it, in turns soulful; chances are you’ll revisit this mix more than a few times. Download link beneath the Soundcloud player, track listing is after the jump.

KRL – Tief Mix 002  [Download]

KRL plays at Tief at Corsica Studios on Saturday 19th November alongside Stimming, David August and Jay Shepheard. For more details + tickets head over to the RA page here.



Axel Boman – Europa
Autodeep – Make You Mine (KRL Remix)
Errdbeerschnitzel – Same Same
MCDE – Love (Smallpeople Remix)
Greymatter – Give it To Me Slow]
Gerry Read – Untitiled
Akbu – Strange Love (Lovebirds Remix)
Mic Newman – The Casualty
Huxley – Shower Scene
Mat Chiavaroli – She Is My Joy
Viadrina – Forester
Mic Newman – The Fidelity
The Noodle Man – Starlight (Medlar Remix)
Marcin Czubala – Love Affair (KRL Remix)
Tensnake – Something About You
A1 Bassline – Lumps (Technological)
Klic – Forwards (Greymatter Remix)
Mario Basanov – Just Thinking About You (Art of Tones Remix)
Gladys Night 0 Far Awak (KRL Quick Edit)

2 Responses to “Too Many Mixtapes”

  1. pettingparty Says:

    I’m completely in love with the KRL remix of Autodeep but it’s apparently not out until February waaaaaah!

    This is out on the 5th though wooo:

  2. […] a while now, from first hearing his fantastic remix of J Phlip’s Fever, to his unbelievably amazing mixtape for Corsica Studios night Tief (also another WANARB favourite). His remix of Autodeep – Gonna […]

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