VIDEO: Catz N Dogz Live At Beatport

Catz N Dogz Logo on Tits

Wednesday afternoon saw Polish duo Catz N Dogz take to the decks at Beatport HQ and play an absolutely blinding set. Beginning at 5pm GMT, it was the type that you thought you could have on in the background whilst you finished up your work but it ended up totally distracting you because of how sick the tunes were, and lo and behold you’ve stayed at the office waaaaay too late just to hear that little bit more. Or maybe that was just me.

It’s a great 2 hour house set that will have you desperate to own nearly all the tracks played, and lucky for us they held up cards with the track names scrawled on to the camera. You don’t need to sit and watch intently for each time one flashes up as they subsequently posted a photo of all the cards on their Facebook and someone’s very kindly filled in any blanks in the comments section. [tracklisting after the jump]

Daytime or pre-party this works and will only make you want to see them live. (You should.)

Watch it now, it’s fucking rad.

1. Ron Basejam – Voices (Hot Coins Remix)
2.William Welt – Rubber Band Boy (Tom Eblis Remix)
3. Tornado Wallace – Rainbow Road
4. Little Dragon – Little Man (Dead Blond Remix)
5. Erobique – Art Patzo
6. Eliphino- More Than Me
7. Place Holder – Don’t You Know
8. Crazy P- Beatbox (Breach Remix)
9. Huxley – Let It Go (Eats Everything Remix)
10. Romboy vs Kink – Change Is Gonna Come
11. DJ T – Leavin’ Me (DJ T.’s Left With Attitude Mix)
12. ? (Catz n Dogz & Martin Dawson Remix) [Ellum]
13. Blawan – What You do With What You Have
14. Marcel Knopf – Long Gone Home ( Ian Pooley’s Nearly Home Remix)
15. ?
16. Flowers and Sea Creatures – The Sitting Room (Mano Le Tough Remix)
17. Pol_on – ? [Pets Recordings]
18. Adam F – Circles (Eats Everything Rework)
19. Eats Everything – The Size
20. Lil Louis – ?
21. Casrten Jost – Pinksilver
22. Der Zyklus – Formenverwandler (Shapeshifter)
23. Lula Circus – Miami Vice (MANIK Remix)
24. Ada – Faith (Koze Remix)
25. George Levin – Somebody New (Brook’s Dane Mix)
26. Koreless – Away
27. Peter Horevorts – Siren
28. Pol_on – ? [Pets Recordings]

Apologies if anything is wrong, as I said I cobbled this from the comments section (and a small bit of my own detective work). Feel free to fill any gaps!

And keep your ears out for great tracks from Placeholder and Koreless.




2 Responses to “VIDEO: Catz N Dogz Live At Beatport”

  1. 12. Odd Parents – Fame (Catz ‘n Dogz & Martin Dawson Sweet Saturday Remix)
    17. Pol_On – Transistor
    28. Pol_On – Sorrow

  2. pettingparty Says:


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