New film from Mr Oizo – WRONG

PhotobucketAfter last years ‘Rubber‘ (a movie about a car tire called Robert, which has a mind of its own and goes on a murderous rampage). The Ed Banger DJ / producer / film maker / all round legend – Quentin Dupieux (aka Mr Oizo) is back with another dose of weirdness. WRONG tells the story of… well to be honest I’m not that sure. If the first trailer is anything to go by it would seem to be about a dog detective, investigating the case of a missing dog?!

With a cast that includes East Bound and Down’s Steve Little and (the always awesome) Wiliam Fichtner, along with music by Mr Oizo himself it sounds pretty RIGHT to me… We can’t wait!




2 Responses to “New film from Mr Oizo – WRONG”

  1. pettingparty Says:


  2. haha, cant wait to see it!

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