Politicians Raving on The BBC (no, really)

BBC This Week having a rave

It’s videos like this that wasteful Friday afternoons are made for. BBC show This Week decided to announce the news that Underworld had been named the musical directors of the 2012 Olympics in a rather…. unique way. After cracking a few jokes about the film Trainspotting and “performance enhancing drugs”, Underworld’s most well-known track Born Slippy played WHILST THE GUESTS RAVED IN THEIR CHAIRS. Yes. Really. On a show about politics. The presenter, Andrew Neil, comedian Andi Osho and MICHAEL FUCKING PORTILLO AND JACQUI SMITH ACTUALLY HAVE A LITTLE RAVE.

Check out the video, oh and as the BBC warn, this video may contain strobe lights and high cringe-factor…





One Response to “Politicians Raving on The BBC (no, really)”

  1. SweetMotherOfGod Says:

    Just unbelievable.. christ

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