New Basement Space- Pre-launch this Saturday (Shoreditch)

Can you keep a secret? OK – cool.

So a new little basement space has cropped up on Kingsland Road – and they’re doing a cheeky pre-launch party this Saturday (17th Dec 2011). Run by Potty Mouth promoter and long-time friend of WANARB, this 200 capacity venue will be open weekly and promises to become quite a hit on the East London scene. Expect to start hearing a lot more about it in the weeks and months to come (you heard it here first).

The pre-launch is an invite only, friends and family type affair; but the promoter has kindly allowed us to invite you, our loyal readers. You are after all, our friends and family!

It’s guest list only, so please send an email to to confirm your attendance, or alternatively, just pipe up that you’re a reader of We Are Not a Rock Band on the door, and they’ll greet you with open arms.

It’s free entry all night and open until 3am.


We Are Not A Rock Band djs
Mikey OK (Lovebullets)
Red Ben (Potty Mouth)

Address: 281 Kingsland Road, London E2

See y’all there!


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