5 Most Ubiquitous Tracks Of The Year

Azari & III HungryForThePower If, like me, you’ve gone home for Christmas, then chances are you’re stuck out in the countryside somewhere trying to avoid Christmas music and awaiting relatives who you know will spend the next few days mercilessly taking the piss out of you. So if you know that pain, then surely you can forgive me producing yet another of these end-of-year lists.

I’ve limited myself to only five though as I figure most people will skim mega-long lists. Over the last month there’s been poll after poll, list after list; all essentially saying the same thing. But they’re never going to say anything much ground-breaking are they? It’s just us collectively saying “yep, I really liked that, I did.” So these aren’t necessarily my five favourite tracks. These are just the five tracks it was impossible to avoid this year.

Benoit & Sergio – Walk And Talk

Considering how many standout tracks they’d had this year, it’s kinda hard to pick just one from Benoit & Sergio, but the one that propelled them into dance music’s collective consciousness, their tale of a heavily ketamised girlfriend, stayed in our ears throughout the year.

Eats Everything – Entrance Song

Despite Dan Pearce, aka Eats Everything, making this tune last year, it took that long for it to come to the acclaim it justly deserves. Released on Catz N Dogz superlative record label Pets Recordings, it was without a doubt one of the summer’s best bangers.

Tanner Ross – B Side

If you’d have told me this time last year that I’d spend the latter part of 2011 blogging about house music with flute solos I’d have been a bit surprised (I’d have believed you though, stranger things have certainly happened). To be honest, my life is definitely richer for discovering Tanner Ross and embracing deep house and flute solos.

Julio Bashmore – Battle For Middle You

I always knew Bristol is amazing but 2011 has seen this West Country gem proving itself to the rest of the country. This is due in no small part to Julio Bashmore paving the way and encouraging more and more trips down the M4 for a weekend of cider and bass.

Azari & III – Hungry For The Power (Jamie Jones remix)

From the controversial music video to Jamie Jones remix becoming the very definition of “ubiquitous”, there was literally no escaping this track. Which is probably why it picked up Best Remix at the recent DJ Mag Best Of British Awards.

I know I’ve left out loads of awesome tracks, and Maceo Plex’s glaring absence will no doubt irk some (but he was ubiquitous generally as opposed to having a specific track plastered all over the year’s podcasts and mixtapes and clubnights). I know I’ve left out Noir & Haze. I know I’ve left out Miguel Campbell. And a whole host of other supremely talented musicians but yeah, bite me.

Rachael Williams

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