Potty Mouth Pulls It Out The Bag With February Line-Up

Potty Mouth February Droog Vs Inxec

O hai epic Potty Mouth line-up. What’s that you say? Inxec has coaxed his LA cohorts Droog over to London town to play with him? And Polish duo Catz N Dogz are in town playing a rare live set? And somehow Danish DJ and producer Noir has been thrown into the mix too??

It’s no surprise that clubbers have been going mental for Droog Vs Inxec‘s tech-house track Westbound. It’s got a dark tone to it with a wonderful build-up that will excite both experienced ravers and those new to the scene. But it’s one of the more deliciously darker track from the Westbound EP, Unhinged, with its melancholic female vocals that’s really what 2012 is going to be about.

Inxec Vs Droog – Unhinged

Catz N Dogz are amazing DJs and with a whole box of tricks from their own record label, Pets Recordings, to delight crowds with, seeing them play out is a treat that London get’s its fair share of (luckily). But how often do we get to hear them play their own stuff? This is no doubt a problem that has been eating away at you for some time and thank god for Potty Mouth to the rescue. Expect choice picks from their latest album Escape From Zoo, maybe even a bit of their recent side project with Soul Clap on Hypercolour’s off-shoot label Glass Table, the wonderfully named Clapz II Dogz (if we’re really lucky), and most certainly recent tracks like Jon Bovi.

Catz N Dogz – Jon Bovi (snippet)

Aside from being one half (the music half) of one of the biiiiigest hits from last year, Noir & Haze – Around, Noir also has one of the most downloaded deep house podcasts going. And when you consider how many DJs and producers are constantly churning out podcasts for our ears, this really is no mean feat. Couple that with the fact that HIS tracks regularly pop up on all those other podcasts and you know you’re in for something a bit special.

Noir – We 2 / Are 1 (snippets)

Get your tickets NOW for the very next Potty Mouth before they all sell out.

Potty Mouth
Sat 4th Feb
Secret warehouse, e. London
9am – 6am
£8 – £15




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