Louie Fresco gets the Russ Yallop remix treatment

Louie Fresco So Good EP on No 19

Mexican producer Louie Fresco is set to release his latest EP on Johnny White of Art Department’s record label No 19 Music, and it seems the Russ Yallop remix is getting more than a few DJs over-excited. With it’s driving bassline and hypnotic Donna Summer sample it’s no wonder. It’s the track that catches you unawares in a club and makes you go woah as you sway to the beat, instantly feeling way more fucked.

It’s a shame that it’s such a short snippet of the track up on No 19’s Soundcloud as the whole track is an utter beast. Luckily you can find it on both Noir’s latest ‘Recommends’ podcast and My Favourite Robot’s podcast for Electronic Groove (both are downloadable and worth a listen).

Truly though, the best way to experience it is going to be in a club and frankly it’s inconceivable that Russ Yallop won’t be shoe-horning this into any and every set he plays for the next few months. It’s too good not to. It’s definitely worth checking out when he’s next in town and making sure you get down there.

As so often happens with exciting tracks there doesn’t seem to be a release date as yet, leaving fans guessing as to when they can get their paws on this beaut. However, it is interesting to note that this release marks a noticeable change in the No. 19 artwork. Apparently 2012 releases will mark a series of work featuring Toronto based illustrator Hugh Steele whose work Johnny White stumbled across whilst visiting his hometown. It’s a good fit for the label as the dreamlike quality of his work certainly suits their output.

EDIT: After posting a link to this on his Facebook, Louie Fresco commented that it will be released “Jan 28: Vinyl, 2 weeks later: Digital”. Thanks Louie- can’t wait!

Louie Fresco – So Good (Russ Yallop remix) [No. 19 Music] – snippet

Rachael Williams



3 Responses to “Louie Fresco gets the Russ Yallop remix treatment”

  1. Montagano Says:

    absolute killer!!!!

  2. pettingparty Says:

    Fingers crossed Noir plays it out at Potty Mouth eh. It’s ultra-sick played out.

  3. […] Russ Yallop has hit a purple patch over these last few months, and this remix of Jamie Jones feat. Art Department sees him continue his rich vein of form. After you’ve listened to this, feel free to check out another recent belter by him here. […]

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