Kids Go Crazy For “Cocaine, Ketamine”

Fur Coat on Crosstown Rebels

Over the last few months the internet has been ablaze with clubbers trying to track down a mysterious song that, by all accounts, has been doing the rounds since at least October. Championed by Damian Lazarus and Art Department; the whole unknown quantity of the situation has sent these seekers into fever pitch. Armed only with the lyrics “I just wanna make you high. Cocaine, ketamine…” and an unquenchable desire to get their mitts on this tune, they’ve been posting all over forums, YouTube, Soundcloud and Resident Advisor; anywhere they thought they’d get an answer.

And now they’ve been sated. Turns out it’s the track that’s bound to propel Venezuelan duo Fur Coat into dance music’s collective consciousness. Sergio Muñoz and Israel Sunshine grew up “streets apart… in their hometown of Caracas” before meeting at a party in 2004, joining forces to make music and subsequently catching the ears of Crosstown Rebels boss Damian Lazarus.

Featuring Cari Golden on vocals, ‘You And I’ is scheduled for released on Lazarus’s label sometime just before everyone’s favourite Miami-based jaunt Winter Music Conference. With only a few remixes and tracks floating about, it’s great they have everyone so excited without anyone really knowing yet who they are.

The track is already massively mega-hyped but even now its identity is known it’s still proving a slippery beast to listen to at home with the only versions on the internet consisting of shoddily recorded-in-nightclubs-on-my-iphone affairs. Luckily for you lot Art Department foresaw this problem and decided to film their set at recent Mexican festival BPM in *gasp* decent quality. Oh and guess what the opening track is? Enjoy.

Art Department play BPM Festival

Rachael Williams



14 Responses to “Kids Go Crazy For “Cocaine, Ketamine””

  1. I really want this one!! So dope.

  2. second track iD???!!!

  3. Does anyone know the 2nd track in the video ?

  4. Sick track , Coming soon!

  5. it’s a bigun

  6. second track pleaseeeee???!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Kenny Glasgow Says:

    The second track is
    Cajmere- Lets Dance

  8. pettingparty Says:


    ❤ Cajmere.

  9. No!! Let’s dance track is the forth one….what’s the one that starts at 2:08?? Massive tune!!

  10. 2cnd Track Clockwork – Things You Have (Tale Of Us remix)

  11. Thank you !

  12. […] monster track You And I finally gets a digital release today on Crosstown Rebels. We first broke the news about who the track was actually by back in January, leading to Crosstown boss Damian Lazarus […]

  13. housedump…

    […]Kids Go Crazy For “Cocaine, Ketamine” « we are not a rock band[…]…

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