MAM Reminder


You may have missed it at the time, but back in October Soul Clap posted a free EP on their blog by an artist called MAM. No big fuss was made at the time, so it would have been easily enough passed you by. Since then, however, we bet you’ve definitely been hearing a lot of MAM, just without knowing who it is.

MAM is compromised of Miguel Campbell and partner in crime Matt Hughes. All three of their free tracks have since been staples in many a house and disco-infused mix or podcast. And the good news? THEY’RE STILL FREE. Have a listen and you’re sure to recognise at least one. Sunday treats for you all. Head over to Soul Clap’s blog to download all three tracks for free (or buy them if you wish to support the artist).

MAM- Can’t Live Without Music

MAM- One Of Those Nights

MAM- Reel Sweet

It’s a perfect time to remember MAM, or indeed, discover them and wonder how the fuck you missed them before, as their new EP, Modern Heat, is due out on Fina Records on Monday 30th January. Have a listen to this little gem from it and know that these are boys are due big things under the MAM name.

MAM- Sunset Funk

Rachael Williams



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