Wanarb Met Elon + Exclusive Mix

We caught up with New York based underground techno DJ, Elon, ahead of his set next weekend at London night Select*Elect. After he picked his Top Ten Tracks for us back in December we though now we be an ideal time to have a more in-depth chat. Not only did he show a rather frightening cannibalistic side(!) but he also revealed there’s hidden backwards messages in his music! Luckily, he’s not really that scary so we we quizzed him on New York nightlife and his collaboration with Maceo Plex. He also recorded the first hour of his set last weekend at Watergate in Berlin, full of techno treats and unreleased tracks which you can listen to exclusively on We Are Not A Rockband and download for FREE… What a dude!

Hi Elon, how are you?

I’m great… I’ve been busy with lots of new projects lately. I’m on the road again and am looking forward to for my vacation in the end of this tour…  some friends of mine are making fun of me for saying this, it seems for them that my life is a constant vacation… 

You’re based in New York, a city with a great nightlife reputation. Where are your favourite places either to go out yourself or to play at?

Yes, NY nightlife is one of a kind.  We don’t have an established club like Fabric in London, or, for example, Panorama in Berlin… NY nightlife these days is all about “off-location”, warehouses, lofts, etc, which is what makes NY’s scene special. That’s why each party there is so magical… Obviously, those are the places I find myself playing at and enjoying when I go on a night out.. ReSolute is all about that.

You’ve lived there for over a decade now, how would you say the scene has changed?

The underground parties really changed and established. NY’s nightlife Back in 2005 Minimoo parties pretty much built this platform of “TBA location” and I think this underground scene’s getting stronger and stronger every year…  At 8 am people are still raving in a big warehouses in Bushwick. I just hope that once we have our established club in NY, this won’t change.

How do you think the music scene compares to other cities?

You can find anything here. Every artists passes by NY, so, you get here pretty much all that you find in any other cities.

What influence do you think your Israeli roots have on your music?

You can enjoy my tunes better if you eat falafel… also, when you reverse some of my tunes, you can hear a sublime- hidden Jewish prayers..(!)

Did you always want to be in music or was it something you fell into?

I was really into maths as a kid.  Science and physics were my real passion… but this made me unpopular at school, so I decided to make and play music so I can get more girls and get paid to travel. Just kidding!

Can you tell us a bit about how your collaboration with Maceo Plex came about last year and what was your favourite track from the Bummalo EP you created together?

Eric is one of the most talented and productive guys I know. I’m glad he finally got his big break; ever since I met him 7 years ago we have supported each other… The EP was a long process that started more than two years ago… We basically started something and sent it to each other to finish up. I don’t really have a favourite track on this EP, I feel like all the tunes are good in their own way. Each one is completely different to one another. I’m happy it finally came out.

You describe your style of music as “Techno soul, House, Techno, Deep and Steakhouse.” How do you prefer to have your steak cooked and where is the best place you’ve ever had steak?

Medium… actually, my sister makes the best steak. We have a great restaurant in Soho called Balaboosta. Seriously, the steak is the shizzle.

Thanks for you 10 tracks you picked for us previously. There were some great picks in there, particularly the P’Taah track. Is this the kind of thing we can expect from you at Select*Elect?
P’Taah are one of my old favourites and the last album has an amazing, rich production and melody, Loving it..
I don’t know right now what I’ll be playing… It really depends how I feel at the party. Recently I’ve been playing a bit  harder, but still, I can cross many genres in one set.

You’re playing on the same bill as H.O.S.H. who’s a core part of Diynamic. Are you looking forward to his set?
Well, to be honest, I never heard him playing before, so, yes, I’m curious and looking forward for it.

And finally, what would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?
Fun!  I always wanted to try human flesh…  finally, I won’t seem too weird…

Elon – Live At Watergate 11-02-12 EXCLUSIVE first hour for We Are Not A Rockband (FREE download)

Elon plays Select* Elect alongside H.O.S.H. at a secret east London location next Saturday 25th February.

Rachael Williams



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