When WANARB Met: Subb-an

Subb-an interview on We Are Not A Rockband

This weekend sees Subb-an playing at the launch of Gist, a brand new deep house and techno night in Chelmsford, Essex. It’s not often We Are Not A Rockband ventures outside London town but with one of the masterminds behind Gist being DJ Mag’s Adam Saville, we thought it worth investigating.

With Birmingham’s Subb-an being one of the residents for groundbreaking night Below in his hometown and one half of label One Records with Adam Shelton, we caught up with him to quiz him on playing Essex, what’s new on his label and what one record he just can’t stop playing…

Hi Subb-an!

You’re playing the Gist launch party at Hooga’s in Chelmsford. Is this the first time you’ve played in Essex and if so how do you think the crowd will differ?

This is a really interesting question. To be honest I have no idea of the scene in Chelmsford, but… it’s the UK so I’m sure it will be good!

Hooga is pretty intimate, at only 300 capacity. Do you prefer playing these cosier parties or bigger warehouse spaces?

No no, I much prefer an intimate vibe, I like to see everyone’s faces and connect and have fun.

What do you think it is that makes your party, Below, in your hometown of Birmingham so special?

It’s a combination of the venue, which for me is such a unique space and one of the best in the UK and then the crowd. It’s a super underground event but its second to none my favorite place to play, and recently I’ve been playing some great parties!

Can you tell us a bit about the dance music scene in Birmingham?

It’s getting a lot better. It’s mainly more dub based, however thanks to Lee Mcdonald, Below and The Rainbow things are getting much stronger. There’s a lot of strong parties this year. Circo Loco, Face and of Course 5 big Below events.

The last few months have seen you play in places as far-flung as Mexico, Switzerland and Portugal. What’s been your favourite place to play recently?

Lisbon Portugal was my favorite, perfect on every level, this crowd really know their music and how to party, the venue was amazing as were the promoters and the sound system, check this video out…

You’ve had releases on some of the world’s best underground dance labels from Crosstown Rebels to Culprit to Hot Creations to Leftroom. That’s pretty impressive. What’s been your personal career highlight?

I think the success of my release with Beckford on Spectral “The Lovers Night”. We have just produced a new one, check it here.

Who’s big coming up on your label, One Records for 2012?

We have a great release from Slok with remixes from Kris Wadsworth and Alex Arnout. A very very cool track from Anthea with a solid remix from Dan Ghenacia. Adam Shelton has been working on some stuff as will I and we have some music from Burnski, Hector, Samu.l so exciting times ahead this year.

What one tune have you not been able to stop playing recently? Either at home or playing out…

 At home:

Blood OrangeSutphin Boulevard

And finally, what would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

Get involved!

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us.

Subb-an plays the Gist launch party this Saturday 3rd March at Hooga’s in Chelmsford, Essex with residents Gav Rayner, Adam Saville, Discreet Soundsystem, Rob Bishop and Mono 4.

Rachael Williams



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