Infinity Ink’s Hot Natured Galatic Radio Mix

Infinity Ink's Hot Natured NYD mix

Those who were lucky enough to get a ticket to Hot Natured’s sold out New Year’s Day party (or paid through the nose to get a resold ticket) might have been canny enough to pick up the free Hot Natured Galatic Radio Mix CD that was being handed out to clubbers leaving the venue.

This particular mix is by Infinity Ink, the new project from frequent collaborators Luca C and Ali Love. With only one release of note, Games on Hot Creations, this should go a long way to help raise their profile. With tracks from Puente & Rosch, Green Velvet, a smattering of their own music and a dollop of pop song remixes, it’s certainly worth a listen.

And now that a few months have passed, Jamie Jones has popped the entire mix up on his Soundcloud for everyone else to download and enjoy!

Infinity Ink – Hot Natured Galactic Radio Transmissions Part 3 [Download here]

Rachael Williams



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