When WANARB Met: Waifs & Strays

Waifs & Strays play Easter Potty Mouth

Bank holidays are normally jam-packed with amazing nights out as every promoter rolls out a dream bill to attract clubbers in their droves. Potty Mouth have taken the initiative by taking the Thursday night and having the best night going allowing you as long or as little of bank holidays and weekend to recover. Which is just as well as they’ve laid on an epic line-up consisting of Waifs & Strays, Coat Of Arms and WiLDKATS. We caught up with Bristolian duo Waifs & Strays (or as their mums call them Rich and Amos) ahead of their set to quiz them all about house music, their hometown and their influences…

Please describe for us your ideal night out in your hometown of Bristol.

Rich: Tough one. Depends on the time of year. In the summer, a nice BBQ with friends followed by one of the secret Alfresco Disco parties in the middle of nowhere is pretty hard to beat. Come winter time it has to be at one of the In:Motion parties. That place has just gone into overdrive in the last 12 months; putting on some of the biggest line-ups the South West has seen for years. Of course in both cases there are always the after-parties!

Can you tell us about how you met each other?

Amos: Right when I started producing, I needed some help with a track I was working on. A mutual friend of ours Rag, the promoter of In:Motion, put us in touch. I went to Rich’s studio and it kinda went from there.

Describe how you got into house music…

Amos: For me it was back when I was in school, listening to Pete Tongs’s show. Everyone else was into indie and Brit pop, but that just didn’t grab me at all. Then I heard house music on Pete’s show and was like “Wow, what’s this?” At the time I was too young to get into clubs (and I looked it) so that show and other pirate stations were my main access to it. I spent hours and hours recording those shows!

Rich: Some guy told me about it once.

You’re playing Potty Mouth to kick off the Easter Bank Holiday. With the exception of one member of WiLDKATS, it’s actually a pretty British-led line-up. Why do you think our scene here in the UK is so huge at the moment?

Amos: These things go in cycles. I think a lot of it has been due to people like Jamie Jones pushing a groovier sound when everything was really minimal and stripped back and Berlin was very much the focus. The UK has always been really strong for house music so it follows that as that music becomes more popular the scene will grow. The cycle will move on again in a few years and a new city/country/sound will come to the forefront. But it’s really cool that the UK is doing so well at the moment as there is so much talent here right now.

Bristol itself is known for having a pretty distinctive scene of its own, definitely more so that most cities of its size. What would you attribute that to?

Rich: Something in the cider I guess! It’s strange, but Bristol has always had a very creative scene, not just in music but in all facets of life. I think if you live here you can’t help but get soaked up in it.

You’re playing at the upcoming festival in your hometown Love Saves The Day alongside fellow Bristolian duo Christophe & Lukas. Who’d win in a fight between you guys? You’re allowed weapons.

Amos: We would. Hands down. Even if they had weapons. Bring it on boys!

Your track Be Patient was MASSIVE last year. How patient are you in real life?

Amos: About as impatient as you can possibly be, I’m actually a total nightmare waiting for things!

What outside of music influences you the most?

Rich: Sounds cliché, but just the whole world around us. The invention of the Internet and especially sites like YouTube, allows all these super talented people around the world to be heard and seen. If you ever need inspiration just have a look around and see all the amazing stuff that is happening every day all over the world. Closer to home, being in Bristol and the friends we have – Eats Everything, Christophe, Lukas, the futureboogie crew, Rag, Team Love (the list goes on) are all huge influences.

And finally, what course of action what you take in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

Rich: Get shotgun-tastic on those undead mutha’s.

Amos: If you cant eat ‘em, join ‘em.

Waifs & Strays play PM Easter Bank Holiday Special this Thursday 5th April alongside WiLDKATS and Coat Of Arms from 9pm – 6am in a warehouse in Hackney.

Rachael Williams



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