When WANARB Met: French Fries

French Fries plays London's dirtybird BBQ

This Saturday sees famed San Fran based record label dirtybird in town for the London leg of their Spring tour which sees them visiting city after city with a variety of artists from their stable. Our lucky lucky city has hit gold however as we’ve managed to blag the biggest line-up but a BBQ of Meatwagon no less.

Appearing will be core members of the dirtybird crew Claude Von Stroke, Justin Martin, J Phlip and Christian Martin under his new alias Leroy Peppers plus key acts like Eats Everything, Catz N Dogz, Breach and a whole load more. We caught up with one of the newest recruits, young Parisian whippersnapper French Fries who’s currently a name on a lot of lips thanks to the success of his ballroom hit Yo Vogue…

Why did you choose the name French Fries?

That’s my real name.

You started DJing in clubs when you were 14- how did you find it?

It was actually pretty cool to be the only DJ at school haha.

How did you join the dirtybird family?

Well, Claude Vonstroke was playing at Social Club in Paris, and that night my friend Manaré had diner with him (don’t ask me why, he’s the kinda guy that’s at the right time at the right place). Long story short, we all ended up going to the Vonstroke gig asking for rewinds, being crazy and shit!

I guess Claude really liked the vibe, so he asked Manaré to play after him. Finally we all took over the booth and ended up DJing together. Everything started at this very moment: Claude heard some of our tunes which he really digged and then we started talking over email. I met the whole Dirty Bird crew two weeks after for WMC and Ultra Music Festival; we had some good moments together, months passed and here we are today with this release!

You’ve already achieved so much at such a young age- where do you hope to be by the time you’re 25?

I don’t think I’ve achieved that much yet, I hope I’ll be way further by that time, I’m pretty excited to see what happens in the next couple of years!

Who would be a dream producer to remix your work?

Kazey [from The Town]

Yo Vogue is really catchy and set to become a spring-anthem.  Can you tell us a bit about the process of how it came to be- from inspiration to production?

When I produce I don’t really think about what imma do but I just felt like it at this moment. The inspiration came through and I just tried to put my touch in it.

I always put my voice on my track. That’s one of my personal approaches. Every time I discover something I try to use it my own way. I did this with ballroom as much as I did it with every [other] kind of music that inspires me. I think it’s the most exciting manner to make music and I will never stop myself from using any inspirations with my sound.

Who from your dirtybird label mates is really exciting you the most at the moment?

I think J Phlip’s gonna release some crazy ass new shit soon! I also can’t wait for the Justin Martin’s album!

And finally, what would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

I would probably hang out with Zombie Disco Squad, Zomby, ZombieZombie, Zombie for Money & Zomby Nation, Zombie and watch Zombie.

French Fries plays Point Blank Online & SPL Presents… Dirtybird ‘Hatched’ BBQ Warehouse party on Saturday 7th April alongside Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, J Phlip, Julio Bashmore, Eats Everything, Catz & Dogz, Breach, Leroy Peppers, Tom Flynn, A1 Bassline and Sacha Robotti from 4pm – 6am at a secret east London location.

Rachael Williams



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