When WANARB Met: Tom Flynn

Tom Flynn

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to see Tom Flynn at Dirtybird’s London BBQ and, despite the fact he was on an hour into a 15 hour rave playing in a large warehouse to a handful of (young looking) people, his music caught our ears. It’s a rare talent to draw the attention of sober people in the process of pacing themselves for the long haul. And taking into consideration the context of a party full of many amazing moments- the heat causing Claude Von Stroke to ditch his jeans and walk about in his pants, French Fries playing late ’90s UK Garage, Drums Of Death and Leroy Peppers (aka Christian Martin) handing out cups of water to thirsty ravers and impeccable sets from just about everyone- it has definitely made us want to see Mr Flynn again but playing a more prominent, danceable slot.

In the meantime however, his brand new EP on Hypercolour, People Everyday, is seeing us through until such a time. We caught up with him to chat record labels, his love of Pharrell Williams, the BBQ and just how much his Moog means to him…

Hi Tom, how are you?

I’m good thanks, pretty busy but I love it!

You played at the recent Dirtybird BBQ in London. Describe the party for us in one sentence please?

Wow, one sentence is hard, I’d have to say “An amazingly tropical heat laden warehouse party!”

Did you find it difficult playing so early on in the day? You seemed to do quite well at getting people’s attention even if the crowd was a little sparse.

Ye it was fun, early times are good sometimes as you get to test records out, test mixes of your own stuff to see what they sound like on a system, but it’s always fun to work the crowd and pull people in. I’d have played at 7am for those guys; it was an honour to play with people who I’ve looked up to and admired.

And you made it to the after-party! What a trooper! What did we miss out on? Was Claude fully clothed? We need to know about any partial-nudity.

Haha! Actually I didn’t make it to the after-party! I’m usually in attendance at the after parties, but this time I think the heat got me and that was even after a pre-disco nap! I was partying till 6am and my hotel bed was calling me! I heard it went off though!

You’ve been on Dirtybird for a few years now and one thing that was really apparent at the BBQ was that you all seem to bring the best out in each other. Who on the label do you think you’d work really well with whom you haven’t already worked with?

Ye it’s a funny label, I first came across them via Worthy and I’d never heard music like that before. Then when I heard the Justin Martin & Sammy D record I nearly wet myself, it was such a goofy funny record but still had the funk in it; I’d literally never heard records like that, so I quickly got into what they were doing. It’s hard to say who I’d work well with, I think it’s more important that you find someone who you can sit down with outside the studio and have a laugh and a drink with, so that’s pretty much all of them I guess! If I was pushed though I would love to work with Worthy, we’ve toyed with the idea over the last year but our schedules just haven’t allowed it as yet.

Your love of Pharrell and N.E.R.D is pretty well documented. What would say to him if you met him face to face?

“Where did you get that Balenciaga jacket and those Lanvins?!?!”

You’re from Birmingham, which seems to have a pretty decent dance music scene of its own going. Who in your hometown is really inspiring you at the moment?

Mr. Steve Lawler. He has the drive and ambition of a monster! And he’s not a bad DJ either ha! He’s always been my hometown inspiration: his music, his work ethic and his dedication to the scene. When you see him play, you think, ‘Ye pretty damn good’, but when you see him in the studio and preparing for gigs and writing music, then you realise why he’s one of the worlds best.

Your new EP ‘People Everyday’ just came out on Hypercolour. It’s awesome by the way. Hypercolour are a great label who seem to really look after their artists- how did you come to release on there?

Thank you, that’s very kind of you. I simply sent them some tracks and they liked them. I wish I could say I hunted them down, sent them coded messages and held them to ransom to sign me ha! But it really was that simple!

You’ve been super-lucky with the labels you’ve been on, and that’s quite a few! Where do you think feels more like your home though?

I have a few ‘family’ labels that I like to release on, I really can’t pin point a home label for me because I have so much love for the ones I release on. When I sign records to someone, I’m not the type of person to do one EP then never do anything with them again. I like to build relationships with the labels I work with. I think it’s important to build relationships with people, especially in this scene.

We really like your Nikki & The Dove remix, it’s great and quite distinctive in your style. Have you got any new remixes on the horizon and if not who would be your dream artist to remix?

I’ve just got off the back of two remixes actually, one is coming on Toolroom and the other on DJ Rebekah’s new label which I’m super excited about.

And finally, what would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

Grab my Moog and run!

Tom Flynn’s new EP People Everyday is out now on Hypercolour.

Rachael Williams



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