Introducing: Uffe

Uffe Christensen

Due for release on Pets Recordings in a few weeks is beautiful EP from Uffe, Colors Outside. Hailing from Copenhagen, the Danish Uffe Christensen is now based in Amsterdam and is set to hold a dear place in your daytime music heart.

The title track, a light-hearted, bouncy affair, heavy with summery samples, serves to bliss you out ready for the somewhat darker but no less stunning I’ll Leave Soon. Its melancholic vocals and slow build-up ensure its place as the strongest track on the release. Meanwhile the ‘Just Leave’ remix of I’ll Leave Soon comes courtesy of Pets Recordings bosses Catz N Dogz. That’s definitely a grower, so give it a chance as it seems to sit quite apart from the tone of the other tracks. It retains the vocals but darks it out further giving a midnight feeling as opposed to the twilight party sentiment of the original. Finally, closer When The Sun Rose lets you get lost in its chugging bassline, folk tinged vocals and twiddly acid noises.

It’s difficult to pin-point exactly what makes Colors Outside so captivating. Its wealth of influences, mix of genres and experimental samples definitely make it must for getting through these rain-drenched days and pretending it’s actually sunny.

It’s worth checking out the video for I’ll Leave Soon, and not just for gorgeous Polish model Kornelia Strzelecka lazing about and dancing in a envy-inducing pastoral setting…

Colors Outside by Uffe is released on Pets Recordings on 7th May 2012.

Rachael Williams



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