When WANARB Met: Fur Coat

Fur Coat

After breaking the news last January that the tune about cocaine and ketamine you were all so desperately after was by Venezuelan duo Fur Coat we thought it only fair to pin them down for an in-depth chat. And what better time to do so than just before they’re due back in the UK to play Return To The Future 4 for some bank holiday weekend madness. With big-hitters like Seth Troxler and Tale Of Us also on the bill, it’s truly time for Fur Coat to cement their growing reputation here in the UK…

Hi guys- how are you?

Hey, we’re all good, we’re in the studio right now, working on some remixes, a little bit tired from the Europe Tour, but very happy about all the feedbacks and what’s happening right now.

You’ve just recently been here in the UK playing Birmingham, Manchester and London. What was the highlight of your visit?

The UK is amazing; all three gigs had their own magic. Sankeys was amazing, the vibe the people, the club, the crowd did a sit down to ¨You and I¨ and other tracks. We were blown away. Circoloco in Birmingham was a big one for the whole crew, lots of friends and a super crowded event. London was a more low-key event along with Lee Foss, we really did have a lot of fun and got to spend some time in the city to sightsee and shop. All three places were special, we can´t wait to get back for Return to the Future on May 4.

When You And I was discovered to be your track there was already so much hype surrounding it. What was it like watching that build up?

It was amazing man, we were already working on our album when You And I had all this attention. DJs first started to ask us about it when we played it but Damian Lazarus was the first to really get it out there and it all snowballed from there. Then it came out on YouTube and created a buzz around Fur Coat which was insane – we had so much nervous energy leading up to the release but we were so happy to see such a build up. It’s good to know people are digging what we do.

In the months beforehand there was so much speculation as to who the track was by. Did you want to tell everyone? Was it hard keeping it under wraps?

Yeah it was hard to keep it all under wraps, haha, but people found out at the right time. The intrigue generated more interest in the track and the artist making it more exciting when it was revealed and great for us since people were searching Fur Coat and becoming more aware of our work.

Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming album?

Our upcoming album is ready and the tracks are being mastered right now. It’s on Crosstown Rebels, which is our home label, and the name of it is Mind Over Matter. People will be able to understand the whole picture, as there’s a real story to the album using diverse sounds and different vocalists. We are super-happy about the result of 8 months of work.

At the moment we are still in the process of figuring out the artwork and release date, but we can’t wait to put it out there.

Venezuela is not known as a hub of electronic dance music and deep house, so how did you guys get into it and what’s the scene there currently like? 

Venezuela was always a hub of electronic music; it was a typical stop for DJs in South American tours. The whole political situation has slowed down the progress of electronic music and there are fewer clubs nowadays. But parties are still happening a little more underground  –  Davide Squillace is playing in May and also Lee Van Dowski.  Many heavyweight DJs have visited our country – Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Dubfire, Magda, Loco Dice, Audiofly, Matthias Tanzmann, Marco Carola, Miss Kittin, Mr C… 

Israel Sunshine has been a DJ for over 14 years and Sergio Muñoz around eight or nine years. Electronic music has been there since late ‘90s. Venezuelan people travel a lot, so they know what’s happening around the world. 

So the electronic scene in Venezuela has definitely become more underground – national and international DJs can be seen playing in private house parties and some more alternative clubs. Since the early 2000´s we have been hosting parties with crowds of thousands and mixing that with more private events. Also there is a new breed of producers coming out of Venezuela that are doing some cool stuff so we think Venezuela will become more prominent in the global scene.

What influenced you musically whilst growing up, and how has that shaped the sound of what you produce today? 

Latin Music, disco Music, r’n’b, hip hop, soul, funk… a bit of everything. Growing up in a Latin country, what our parents listened to, getting into the party scene, plus, our travels. Being in a tropical country with easy access to USA and to the rest of Latin America definitely influenced us. So it’s a little bit of everything: our day to day life, the music we make, the music we’re into, our tales, our friendship, food, places we like, love for our ladies…

What’s one tune (apart from your own!) that you can’t stop playing out?

Zod- Rise Before Zod which is the new project of Damian Lazarus and James What. We’ve been playing this track out in every set, it’s so groovy, mental with spooky synths, just a great combination, futuristic!!!

You’re back in London for the next bank holiday for Return To The Future with Seth Troxler, Tale Of Us, Luca C and Bill Patrick. That is quite simply a ridiculous line-up! Who are you most excited to be sharing the bill with?

Yeah it’s an amazing lineup! We are really excited about this party, plus we really love the UK.  

We are excited to be sharing the line up with Seth Troxler, who is one of the busiest DJs right now, and one of our favorite guys who always plays refreshingly different and very eclectic sets. We already partied and played together at Get Lost Miami this year and he did a back 2 back with Damian – pulling out some classics and so many groovy underground records. 

Being in that line up is already super amazing, all the artists are doing so many great things; it’s an honour.

And finally, what would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

We would play after-hours music, 118bpm for those raver unstoppable zombies ahahahaha!

Fur Coat play Return To The Future this Friday 4th May in a secret London location alongside Seth Troxler, Tale Of Us, Luca C and Bill Patrick.

Rachael Williams



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