Justin Martin – ‘Don’t Go / Ruff Stuff’

Justin Martin’s new album is out on Dirtybird at the end of May and it has been causing quite a stir amongst the online community. So far, 5 songs have been made available to the general public; Lezgo, Ghettos and Gardens, Hood Rich and most recently – Don’t Go and Ruff Stuff.

The latest release sees Justin showing off his badass sound design abilities and his knack for producing unique sounding house music. In terms of mood, both tracks differ significantly from each other; Don’t Go is an mellow track with layered bass and vocals that sound distinctly like Lykke Li and Ruff Stuff leans towards the darker side of the spectrum, and is laced with the kind of quirkiness that has brought fame to Dirtybird over the years.

What strikes me the most though, is how finely produced both of these tracks are. Not since Mr. Oizo’s ‘Lambs Anger‘ album have I been so stunned by a producers’ sound design abilities. Hats off to Mr Martin.

Don’t Go / Ruff Stuff is out now, and you and buy it here.

Justin Martin – Don’t Go

Justin MartinRuff Stuff




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